Sydney, Australia, Feb. 22, 2022 — Luntivo Finance is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Terra blockchain and a trading and governance token. It has announced its presale and initial coin offering (ICO) that began on Feb. 8 and ends on March 28.

The Luntivo Finance DEX is the first of its kind on the Terra blockchain. It’s set to revolutionize transactions in the metaverse, where it will be used as an exchange platform and used to accrue rewards and earn profits on staking pools. 

Luntivo Finance is a new-age automated market maker (AMM) that is equipped with a myriad of security and privacy features. Being an AMM, it encourages token staking and token exchange. It benefits both liquidity pools (LP) and exchange users with accessible liquidity provision and exchange — especially for illiquid assets.

Luntivo Finance offers innovative features that are interoperable with the metaverse: a multi-dimensional creation of a new virtual world and an interface layer between the physical and virtual worlds. The metaverse offers a new way for enthusiasts and participants to earn money and other fungible and nonfungible assets. This is where Luntivo Finance comes in.

Luntivo Finance provides a way for participants to trade assets, fungible and nonfungible tokens across markets. The platform’s beta works only on the Terra blockchain, but there are plans underway to make it cross-chain. Luntivo Finance, as a new generation of DEX, differs from others in terms of its secured asset funds for users, a feature that ensures the protection of users’ funds and is only available for selected tokens on the DEX. The platform maintains this fund to ensure there is enough liquidity and a strong defense against fraudulent schemes such as rug pulls and cyber hacks.

Its token, LTVN, will be available on various public DEXs. Additionally, early Luntivo participants will have unmediated access to secluded lending markers and flexible trading rates. To ensure extensibility, the Terra blockchain is built as an open-source public blockchain program protocol for algorithmic stable coins that consistently track the price of any fiat currency that allows users to trade or exchange Terra’s stablecoin, TerraUSD (UST), creating a stable demand for Terra and increasing the price of Terra (LUNA).

The Luntivo Finance prescale and ICO is an opportunity for participants and users to gain access to the Luntivo Finance beta program and earn LTVN, which will be officially registered on various DEXs to enhance trading options and use by competent traders. Luntivo Finance was recently listed on CoinMarketCap and is undergoing Series-A listing, then it will be open for trading on other DEXs.

Twenty million LTVN have been designated for the presale and ICO, and it has been limited to a minimum purchase of three LUNA to ensure the presale is made available for people who wish to benefit from this great opportunity. It has also been capped at a maximum of 600 LUNA to prevent the undue cornering of the market by major participants.

The Luntivo Finance team is excited to launch this opportunity to participate in this innovative presale to the general public for a limited time. Join now and help build the future.


Luntivo Finance’s tokenomics has been developed to provide opportunities to participants to grow the ecosystem and simulate trades and acceptance of the Luntivo Finance DEX.

At the time of writing, the below was calculated at the price of $55 per LUNA token. Prices may vary at the time of purchase.

  • Total number of LTVN — 100 million.
  • Tokens to be distributed for ICO — 20 million, or 20%.
  • Tokens to be distributed for airdrop or initial publicity — 5 million.
  • Minimum purchase — three LUNA.
  • Maximum purchase — 600 LUNA.
  • One UST is 40 LTVN.
  • One LUNA is 2,200 LTVN.
  • One dollar is 40 LTVN.
  • One LTVN is 0.00045 LUNA.

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Team lead:

  • Hudson Crowe

  • Luntivo Finance