Invest. Play. Battle. Collect. Upgrade. Evolve. Earn. Govern. Adapt.

As the nonfungible token (NFT) market continues to grow, several gaming companies are creating virtual worlds within a metaverse where the same NFTs can be traded in a whole new scenario, which is expanding very fast. There are several gaming projects in the sci-fi, spaceships, galaxy sections. But what about natural forests, land, water, skies, and beautiful butterflies?

This project is about 3D NFT butterflies with various unique and beautiful butterflies and its nature of many beautiful lands, trees and flowers. The most interesting aspects of this project are evolution and breeding. If you own a caterpillar, it can evolve into a cocoon. There will be four different elements (fire, water, earth, wind) given by chance. The cocoon is then bound by this element until the evolution to a butterfly.

The game has three roles: player, collector or propagator.

A limitless combination can be made and found within the MagicButterfly Platforms.

Why Butterfly?

Nearly 90% of all plants need a pollinator to reproduce, and as bee populations drop, the role of the butterfly becomes even more vital. Without these wonderful insects, many plant species would then be unable to reproduce, and their populations would dramatically decrease. We want to remember the butterfly’s importance and its beautiful existence.

What is the connection with the MagicButterfly?

We want to create a game, market and ecosystem that benefit all of us outside and inside. It is more about understanding the ecosystem that we want to create. MagicButterfly will be a big platform that will go beyond the metaverse. It can be anything and adapt as well operate with every other project to take part in the MagicButterfly Project Protocol.

What’s in it for us?

In MagicButterfly, you are not just an investor in our project, where you collect NFTs used to play, battle, upgrade and evolve. Investors can earn in many different ways and take part in proof-of-stake to earn utility tokens or participate in events. The NFT has also the power to govern the decentralized autonomous organization.

Don’t miss it out and be a part of the MagicButterfly.

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