China, June 15, 2021 — Celia Li, marketing director of CoinTiger, told Cointelegraph China on June 2 at an online event that as a centralized exchange, CoinTiger is now focusing on projects that have been building on Binance Smart Chain. 

Li emphasized that the main attraction of listing these BSC projects often has to do with their strong community and influence. She added: 

“CoinTiger welcomes projects that are active on the chain. We will consider the address and transaction frequency of the holder. We need to see the intrinsic value of these projects, which is the most important thing.” 

It was revealed that the exchange has listed dozens of BSC projects, many of which are active, perform outstandingly, and demonstrate good market performance, according to Li. She said:

“For example, we are the first exchange that lists the Kishu Inu token (KISHU), which has boomed up to 20 times today. Many projects have more decimal places than usual, so we offer Tether (USDT) as their trading pair, and also list some trading pairs with TigerCash (TCH).”

According to Li, the server of the exchange was slow recently due to the rapid increase of users and access. The problem has been fixed and the exchange is working on upgrading its wallets and servers. 

William Gray, marketing director of DeFi For You — a decentralized peer-to-peer lending platform that allows users to stake crypto and nonfungible tokens as collateral for a loan — and Imran Ali, founder of Save Planet Earth — a global initiative leveraged on a charitable cryptocurrency registered in the United Kingdom — were both invited as guests of this event. They revealed that CoinTiger has been very supportive of them since their listing. Gray said: 

“It’s great to work with CoinTiger. They are very supportive of us and provide us with a variety of marketing strategies to help us connect with their community, which are very helpful to us.”

For Gray, CoinTiger’s positive attitude to accepting new and different types of projects can also bring more people to its platform, which is beneficial for listed projects as well.

According to Ali, the exchange also ensures the security of investors and provides a one-stop service for cryptocurrency, making it easier for investors to buy and hold cryptocurrency on a global scale. 

In addition, CoinTiger has a market in the Asia-Pacific region, which is threatened by climate change. By working with CoinTiger, Save Planet Earth can further achieve its goals in this region and bring more impetus to economic growth. He added:

“Through our projects and afforestation in endangered areas, we hope that people in these areas can protect themselves from climate and natural disasters in the future. Besides, planting trees can also provide employment opportunities. In addition, long-term income can be obtained from the planted trees, fruits and crops.”

This decentralized finance project is different 

Gray pointed out that there are a lot of DeFi lending agreements in the market, but unlike those, DeFi For You is a wholly peer-to-peer project. Users can borrow money from each other without going through the platform or the centralized media. The borrowing and lending are entirely between users, said Gray.

He also mentioned that there were projects that have tried peer-to-peer in the past, with Aave being one of them. He said: 

“These projects try to do point-to-point, but they don’t get enough liquidity. So, they turned to the lending pool, which I think might be better for them, but we’ve decided to stick to point-to-point. We think it gives users more rights.”

What’s special about DeFi For You is that it allows users to use NFTs as loans. 

Gray also emphasized that one of its most important functions is that in the near future, the project will provide a broker service function so that users can mortgage a real object and obtain a cryptocurrency loan. He added: 

“We previously worked with a British broker — a fine jewelry group which accepts customers’ mortgaged diamonds, Rolex or other valuables. Users send items to the company, which acts as an intermediary for cryptocurrency loans.”

In the future, the project plans to find more ways to tokenize physical and other assets, such as carbon credits or stocks. For Gray, basically, many items can be tokenized and used for loans or trading and selling on the platform.

Sustainability matters 

Ali revealed that the team has been building long-term partnerships with governments, non-governmental organizations and agencies affiliated with the United Nations, such as the United Nations Environment Programme, to bring in noteworthy changes in the rate of global warming and adverse climate change issues that have plagued the world for many decades.

Ali told Cointelegraph China that Save Planet Earth has just secured an agreement with the Sri Lankan government to plant 100 million trees over the next 10 to 20 years. He has also been invited by the local government to choose planting sites and areas, which will also be on the project’s tree monitoring software. He said: 

“We hope to have a commencement ceremony on World Environment Day, June 5, to start the project of planting 100 million trees. There will be a handshake ceremony, which I am very much looking forward to.”