The MaMo Experiment is a comprehensive technology innovation project constituting several aspects, which are decentralized finance, nonfungible token gamification, artificial intelligence technology and a distributed computing power network system. It is the first AI application in the NFT industry equipped with some of the featured highlights as seen on with a relatively high social rating. 

Some of the featured highlights mentioned were an NFT AI mining system, NFT jigsaw puzzle, MaMo Hub, multiple reward pools and the most anticipated “Da Vinci” and “Fontana di Trevi.”

With the extensive application of AI technology combined with computing systems, users can stake the NFT jigsaw puzzle, which contains keywords, into the Trevi Fountain. The Da Vinci algorithm will then craft unique NFT images based on the staked keywords. 

MaMo convenes the world’s best crypto art creators and the most avid crypto art punks to form a pure NFT community based on the spirit of crypto art. We believe that real encryption art is a non-shelf art embodied by the will of the encryption consensus group. This form of artistic expression reflects the characteristics of the times and the imprint of the current society, as well as eliminates the illusion and deepens the understanding of the future digital-dominated social form. In order to continue the spirit of encryption art and the correct vitality of the industry, we started from a decentralized experiment and created an encryption ecosystem for the lovers of encryption art.

From participation, creation and trading to games and mining, MaMo encourages increasingly more encrypted art-enlightened artists to participate and subvert the mode of art creation with an unprecedented AI creation method.

Apart from all of the above mentioned, this experiment has been popular with multiple venture capital communities from all over the globe. Throughout the first MaMo public phase and all the free airdrops, MaMo has accumulated a fanbase from all over the world such as Japan, South Korea, Spain, Italy, France, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Singapore and Malaysia. However, that’s not all — MaMo successfully sold out its phase three public sales before it was even launched. This means that MaMo public sales were successfully sold out in just under two weeks and that’s 10 billion MaMo tokens sold.

This is thanks to the community of investors from Stark Capital Limited, MaMo’s new collaboration partner. Stark Capital Limited was incorporated on July 2, 2019, as a private company limited by shares registered in Hong Kong. With a community of investors of more than 250 members from around the world, it successfully purchased 100% of MaMo’s phase 3 public sales with 4 billion MaMo tokens.

Last but not least, the MaMo Experiment will definitely advance with extreme excitement with more than 15,000 MaMons from all around the world in just one month after the first announcement of the MaMo Experiment on Twitter in July.

Stay tuned for more updates in our community.

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