Kana Labs has announced receiving an investment from GameFi giant MARBLEX, renowned in the market for its GameFi-centered blockchain ecosystem. MBX, a proprietary blockchain ecosystem of MARBLEX, consists of GameFi, a crypto wallet, a DeFi platform, and an NFT marketplace and launchpad. While both firms have been focusing on different verticals in the blockchain space for some time now, both firms share one common goal: onboarding the next billion users from Web2 to Web3. This goal served as the key factor that paved the way for MARBLEX to invest in Kana Labs, a blockchain all-rounder focusing on the DeFi market. Kana Labs’ recent efforts at venturing into the GameFi space provided the perfect opportunity for both companies to collaborate and work together on this common goal.

Whether it be for end users, such as day traders and new users exploring various aspects of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance, developers working on blockchain products, or business entities looking to explore decentralized options, Kana Labs has something to offer for everyone from every segment. All its product offerings in the B2C and B2B segments were designed with just one aspect in focus: simplifying and breaking down complex technical procedures in DeFi to make it easily accessible to all.


The unique aspect of Kana Labs is that it addresses the issue of a fragmented blockchain ecosystem by combining blockchains with different backgrounds such as EVM chains, non-EVM chains, and chains with different coding languages and core architectures under one roof, giving its clients a true multi-chain, cross-chain experience.

On the B2B side, Kana Labs offers a Web3 middleware SDK tool kit and smart wallet solutions. The Web3 middleware combines cross-chain solutions and liquidity aggregation into a single unit, with all supported blockchain networks below it. This allows new and existing DApps to instantly deploy in multiple blockchains with just slight changes to the front end, while ensuring that clients get better liquidity, support for a wide range of tokens and the best price on all their transactions. The Kana Labs smart wallet is aimed at simplifying the user interface, providing users with a familiar, Web2-like user experience in the Web3 market space.

On the B2C side, Kana Labs offers a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem that covers multiple key aspects that a user looks for in DeFi services. The Kana Labs web app covers swap, staking and yield generation services, and is built on top of its Web3 middleware. This ensures that both new and existing users are able to access these services easily in a user-friendly UI while getting the best price and faster transaction speeds on all their transactions. To check out the Kana Labs DeFi ecosystem, visit its website.

Moving forward, Kana Labs and MARBLEX will be working together on various existing and upcoming ventures. For more details on its future ventures, follow Kana Labs’ official Twitter and Discord channels.