Cryptorg - (a platform for automated trading on crypto exchanges) launches an additional platform of trading bots for the BitMEX exchange. This exchange is very different from other crypto exchanges, so we isolated it in a separate project with a separate registration

Now traders have the opportunity to trade with leverage, using the capabilities of margin trading and our bots. The exchange is highly liquid, so trading with bots is very interesting. There are few cloud bots for Bitmex. We managed to achieve high stability and efficiency of the algorithms.

For more than a month we have been testing the exchange on a live trading account. Together with the developers, testing was conducted by about 100 traders who also noted good results. At the moment, about 30,000 profitable transactions have been completed!

Results of percentage change in deposit

Screen from analytics:

+ 85% in 38 days.

Bitmex platform features

  • Regulation of leverage;
  • Many indicators and signals to enter the deal;
  • Trade in long and short;
  • Trade using price levels and channels;
  • The ability to configure multiple bots with different signals in long and short, bots turn on and turn off on their own, minimal trader intervention is required;
  • Bots have the ability to pick up manual transactions, if you have a position in the market, turn on the bot in the same direction, and it will conduct the transaction, according to the settings;
  • Full analytics, now you do not need to consider profitability, Cryptorg will do it for you;
  • Notifications about current transactions in telegram;
  • Trading mining, making transactions you earn our CTG tokens (now this option is in the process of activation);
  • Friendly chat of traders in telegram, where we share our experience.

Affiliate program

Attract traders and earn up to 30% of their payments.

Future updates

  • Rating of traders. In the future, traders can optionally make their profitability statistics publicly available and participate in the rating of traders;
  • Web terminal for manual trading. The terminal is useful to our traders who trade with bots to make adjustments to the work, if it is necessary. As well as to managers who trade on other people's accounts through the API;
  • Copy trading. Copy trader's deals.

Trading platform:

Chat for traders and technical support:

New updates and better trading conditions ahead, join us!