Fast-forward a few months to May, and team Marsis has again achieved another milestone and is happy to share the news with everyone. Here are some most recent updates.

Completion of seed financing round 

Marsis, a pioneering, self-governing, decentralized NFT evaluation platform, has raised $1 million in seed funding via a token offering, which was led by Institutional investor Sapling Insight, as well as Chain Capital, Redline Capital, Jove Capital, R8 Capital, Kryptos, 7 O’clock Capital, Legendland Capital, SVC and Chronos Capital.

The funding will be used to explore Marsis technology and enable Marsis to further capitalize on its position as a pioneering role in NFT evaluation platforms.

IDO to DO 

Following the delighted news of a successful seed financing round that raised $1 million, we expect to have an initial DEX offering in 2021. The crowd-sale details of the exact date and platform will be published in the coming days.

Ambassadors make the crypto world great again. We want you

In line with the mission to grow the global Marsis community, we are now opening the opportunity for brand ambassadors and hosting relevant campaigns to broadcast awareness and educate the wider community to drive the adoption of Marsis. 

An ambassadorship opens doors to the global Marsis community. We’re looking for all kinds of talented individuals to explain our project to an international audience, as well as inject new insights and perspectives back into the community. 

Whether you are a content creator, meetup organizer, moderator or translator, feel free to approach us via the following channels.

Review of Marsis’ main features

Team Marsis will continue to perfect its platform’s features, but it can’t wait to share with you all of its upcoming features.

  • DAO-driven: Valid SIS token holders govern the platform via a decentralized autonomous organization. They are entitled to voting rights on crucial decisions of the Marsis ecosystem.
  • An NFT marketplace: Whether you are a nonfungible token enthusiast or a passer-by, Marsis is the place to find the most comprehensive trading information and diversified collections with the best interactive experience.
  • Voting protocol: Votes are featured in rating and evaluating. NFT creators, asset holders and voters are all welcome to participate in the asset-defining process. In light of the logistic equation, Marsis’ unit conversion formula is here to help. 
  • Burn to mine: Votes bestow mining capabilities, while token holders can earn a yield.
  • Triple pools:  While stakeholders benefit differently across platform activities, the triple pools are the reward generators. We have finalized the two NFT consensus pool, Dividend pool and DEX pool. The SIS token serves as a gateway to access platform-related activities and accrue incentives and rewards. 
  • Synthesize:  The synthetical feature enables cross-border transactions. By clearing regulatory and territorial barriers, an abundant asset class is open to all crypto lovers. 
  • Fragmentation: The fractional character helps to lower the entrance threshold, making NFTs highly accessible and rewarding to the public.  

More details are available in the official white paper.

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