Plutus Wallet is your perfect guide into the world of crypto trading.

Nowadays, the crypto market seems to be an inconsistent and uncertain place, which makes it even more complicated for a beginner to start exploring it. Plutus Wallet addresses this issue, as the smart and friendly crypto portfolio application for Android with several standout features.

The Virtual Mode

Plutus Wallet allows you to create and manage your virtual crypto portfolio and experiment with different investment strategies without any risks. If you are a casual user with no crypto market knowledge and experience, but you are curious and want to get a feel for it - start using Plutus Wallet now!

Create your first Virtual Portfolio and build your investment skills with cryptocurrencies risk-free. Explore the cryptocurrency market, look for trading signals and manage your portfolio accordingly. Rebalance your Portfolio, when it no longer aligns with your strategies and expected results, with a tap of a button.

Choose from a wide collection of authentic cryptocurrencies and tokens, with live rates the HitBTC exchange platform, fully described and categorized for your convenience.

Connect to the crypto exchange

While Plutus Wallet is easy and fun for the casual user, it has a lot to offer to real traders as well.

Just choose the Real Portfolio option and you will be able to connect Plutus Wallet to your  HitBTC exchange account. You will continue to experience the same user friendly interface, manage your Portfolio and explore real market data anywhere you want, but now with real cryptocurrencies from your exchange account.
More exchanges will be supported soon.

Plutus Wallet

Leaderboards and Rewards

The central place that unites all Plutus Wallet users is the Leaderboard. Everyone has the opportunity to build a profitable Portfolio and manage it all the way to the top spot. The users with the best Portfolios will get rewards in Satoshi!

You can follow the best users and get their latest news. Moreover, If you want to understand their investment strategies, copy their Portfolios, analyse them and become the best!

Plutus Wallet is out now on Android. Download from Google Play.

iOS and Web-versions of Plutus Wallet are in development and will be released later this year.

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