The widespread adoption of blockchain technology has long been hindered by the sluggish processing speeds and exorbitant GAS fees associated with underlying public chains. Surprisingly, the emergence of Layer 2 (L2) solutions has effectively addressed this challenge. Thanks to their exceptional processing speed and minimal GAS fees, L2 solutions empower the creation of more sophisticated and efficient blockchain applications.

The true impact of L2 often goes underestimated, as many tend to gauge the current value of blockchain applications by the performance (good or bad) of the cryptocurrency market. Just as opBNB stressed in its "Odyssey" campaign held in August, opBNB, a high-performance L2 product, will provide an underlying platform for better blockchain applications, including Web3 games, social communication, upgraded DeFi, and more. The emergence of L2 lays the groundwork for an imminent surge in blockchain applications, signaling a promising era for the industry as a whole.

This underscores why major exchanges like Coinbase and Binance are actively deploying L2 solutions. While has achieved significant success with BASE, opBNB's own "Odyssey" campaign recently concluded, initiating the casting of opBNB genesis NFTs as rewards for campaign participants. In comparison to the ongoing achievements of BASE, opBNB may appear subdued.

However, the earlier campaign merely served as an appetizer, with opBNB harboring truly groundbreaking applications waiting for the right moment to shine. Among these exceptional projects, MEKE, which began its public beta (PB) phase in July, stands out.

Following the commencement of opBNB genesis NFT casting, MEKE started close interaction with opBNB. MEKE took snapshots of the holding addresses of opBNB genesis NFT on September 18. Airdrops were made to qualified users after analyzing the activity degrees of those addresses on the opBNB testnet and mainnet and excluding robot addresses with AI.

The airdrop action was completed on September 21, and each eligible address received a certain number of MEKE tokens. Users can claim their airdrops following the "Airdrops - Most MEKE Available" on MEKE's official website, provided they trade the corresponding amount of tested USDTs. To date, over 70,000 addresses have received a total of 12,500,000 MEKE tokens through the airdrop. It's imperative that recipients claim their airdrops before the PB concludes, as unclaimed tokens will be forfeited. The MEKE PB is now in its final phase, with just around 10 days remaining. Participants in the MEKE PB at this stage are also eligible for airdrops. Following the PB's conclusion, MEKE will launch on the opBNB mainnet, and airdrop claims available. Holders of opBNB genesis NFT can visit MEKE's official website to access the airdrop page for further details.

MEKE, a decentralized derivative transaction protocol deployed on opBNB. It applies to the PERP transactions of various mainstream cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH- the spectrum may be extended to cover gold and foreign exchange reserve (US treasury securities) in the future. The main functions of MEKE are deployed on the opBNB chain, and all transactions can be queried on opBNB. MEKE stands out for its tamper-proof and traceability properties, as well as whole-process openness and transparency.

The great power of the MEKE trading engine is brought out by the processing speed as high as 4,000+ TPS and the GAS fee as low as $0.005 of opBNB. Thus, MEKE combines the openness, transparency and traceability of decentralized applications with the smooth trading experience of centralized PERP transactions.

According to Binance, crypto derivatives currently account for 74.2% of total trading volume, with the monthly transaction volume tripling over the past three years. As the crypto derivatives market continues to flourish, it is projected to reach $231.2 billion by 2030. In light of increasing regulatory scrutiny and growing demand for transparent trading, users are increasingly favoring decentralized PERP exchanges that provide trading data authenticity, transaction traceability and tamperproof data. And this is exactly the purpose of MEKE.

Now, the MEKE PB is approaching the end-- only5 days is left. People who participate in the MEKE PB now can also get airdrops. After the PB is concluded, MEKE will be launched on the mainnet of opBNB. Please stay tuned.

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