On November 20, 2019, JMU Limited. (Nasdaq: JMU) released its Q3 financial report of 2019, conveying the significant news that JMU has stripped itself of the blockchain business of the food supply chain business layout, and it is said that JMU scheduled to launch the first blockchain product Mercurity in recent days.

“Since the acquisition of our cryptocurrency solutions business in August, we are committed to expanding our blockchain business by both conducting internal research and development and acquiring companies with growth potential in the industry.” Ms. Zhou, chairperson of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer, commented, “Our efforts are progressing rapidly as we get ready to launch our very first blockchain product, Mercurity."

It is reported that the Mercurity launching by JMU is an advanced asset digitalization service platform, which connects traditional assets and encrypted digital market based on blockchain technology, and promotes the development of global asset digitalization. Mercurity is committed to providing the asset side with services such as compliant, professional and efficient asset digital infrastructure and legal expertise, helping it to be listed and traded on multiple exchanges around the world, so as to promote the free and rapid circulation of global assets.

“The upcoming Mercurity will mark our official entry into the blockchain industry. As we seek a new direction for the future development of our business, we have gradually geared our focus towards blockchain technology. Going forward, continue to focus on the strategic deployment of our blockchain business and seek to benefit from the growing blockchain market over the long term,” Ms. Zhou concluded.

Official website: www.mercurity.com