Merrymen is and always will be an entirely community-centered DEX. With plans to become a full-scale decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) on the official roadmap, the team is actively looking to grow the community and reward those who have shown relentless loyalty.

Following a target raise of half a million dollars for the official initial DEX offering (IDO) on the Genesis Pool launchpad, a majority of the funding will be strictly allocated to a large-scale marketing campaign, set to begin immediately post-IDO in Q4 2021.

The Merrymen community should expect momentous growth and expansion over the coming weeks & months.

Partnerships, influencer marketing, advertising campaigns & more

The team has secured a targeted and aggressive marketing campaign to bring both visibility and liquidity to the Merrymen DEX.

Influencers will play a key role in the campaign, with coverage spanning throughout every social media. Merrymen aims to tap into different markets and niche communities in the crypto space with help from some of the most recognizable names in crypto.

The team aims to reward token holders and grow the community through comprehensive advertising campaigns, with geo-location targeted campaigns — flooding region-specific communities of investors. The community should expect to experience the active campaign firsthand.

Partnerships will also be key for Merrymen’s business development, captivating the right communities via project collaborations & extensive co-marketing efforts. The end goal is to secure long-term functional partnerships to play a key role in expanding the use case of the DEX, adding features and providing liquidity.

Merrymen mobile app: The new generation DEX

While all other DEXs are tunnel-visioned on their web application DEXs, the Merrymen team fully understands the importance of having an interactive, simple-to-use mobile app to facilitate crypto trading on an accessible platform while maintaining the core values of full decentralization and autonomous custody over funds, among others.

The Merrymen app will integrate all the best features from centralized finance (CeFi) exchanges like Robinhood — including ease of use and an interactive interface, the broad utility of centralized cryptocurrency exchanges and the financial empowerment that decentralized exchanges give investors. Merrymen fully envisions its app as the apex cryptocurrency trading platform in the world.

Merrymen’s extensive marketing campaign will bring visibility to the new generation of DEXs, an entirely new market where the Merrymen app will occupy the largest market share. Upon the release of the app in the first months of 2022, adoption and growth are expected to become parabolic.

Merrymen, a DEX for Everyone

Merrymen will eventually become the meeting point for multiple different communities of investors. While mainstream DEXs like Uniswap and PancakeSwap aim to engage DeFi investors, Merrymen will bring CeFi and Robinhood investors, memecoiners, decentralized finance (DeFi) & nonfungible token (NFT) enthusiasts — and through their extensive marketing push — thousands of first-time crypto investors, all together for the first time in crypto history.

Merrymen is made by the people, for the people, as authentically and transparently as possible.