New York, April 2, 2022 — Nonfungible tokens (NFTs), regarded as the best digital assets, have taken the world by storm in a very short time. The inception of the innovative NFT concept in the blockchain industry has started grabbing mainstream attention lately. According to several recent articles, giant conglomerates have actively entered or are ready to enter the NFT industry, preparing for the future metaverse.


The world has witnessed tons of NFTs, but a brand-new sensational concept of sports car racing in the metaverse is about to change the entire experience of the NFT market.

This team’s state-of-the-art, open-wheel, single-seater Formula One (F1) auto-racing car NFTs are extraordinarily astonishing and introduced for the first time ever in the industry.

It’s a collection of 10,250 ultra-unique racing masterpieces that are inspired by F1. Get ready to experience different kinds of metaverse realities at Meta F1 Club. Our holders can entertain themselves with spectacular multimap racing events in the metaverse, compete with others, and win the same as any real-life championship.

The Meta F1 Club presale race starts on April 19, priced at 0.35 Ether (ETH), followed by a public sale on April 20-21 at 0.4 ETH. The team highly encourages everyone to get whitelisted, as spots are limited and will fill up quickly. Floor price expectations are around 16 ETH in a short time due to the uniqueness of this project.

Meta F1 Club NFTs will be minted on ERC-721 protocol-compliant contracts deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. This is known as the gold standard and is the most widely-supported format for digital collectibles.

The developers have created two exceptional giveaway programs for the community and its holders that have never been seen in the industry. The giveaway programs details are as follows:

First giveaway:

  • Fifty Meta F1 Club NFTs

    • Thirty NFTs will be awarded to community members through daily competition.

    • Twenty NFTs will be awarded to the most engaged Discord members.

Second giveaway:

  • Tether (USDT) 500,000 Giveaway — Holding in a separate wallet and link will be shared in the Discord server for tracing purposes.

The USDT 500,000 Giveaway will be distributed as follows:

  • First prize: $50,000

  • Second prize: $25,000

  • Third prize: $10,000

  • Fourth prize: $10,000

  • Fifth prize: $3,000

  • Sixth prize: $2,000

  • Four-hundred prizes: $1,000 each.

Meta F1 Club proudly confirms that the Meta F1 Racing Game’s beta version will be immediately available for testing after the launch.

It calls all passionate racers in the NFT world to witness an entirely unique event and prepare themselves to wake their inner racers with its presale on April 19.

Join the Discord to secure a whitelist spot now:

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