Last year, we saw nonfungible tokens (NFT) explode in popularity as liquidity and interest soared month-by-month into the metaverse space. Of such projects, we have seen many attempts to combine sports and NFTs. Many have tried and failed, but now that 2022 has finally arrived, the ultimate combination between sports and NFT investments has taken the limelight…Meta Super League.

What is Meta Super League?

Meta Super League is a brand new NFT project that gives investors the opportunity to build their own billion-dollar franchise as they collect and invest in their own custom sports team. As players establish their own NFT sports franchise, they can then battle it out for MetaBowl glory. Competition is always healthy, and as such, Meta Super League creates this environment by allowing franchise owners the ability to enter competitions to compete for prizes.

To begin the creation of their own Franchise, players must first mint, buy or trade three team Element NFTs. These include a team name, a founding city and team colors. Next, the three team Element NFTs must be burned to mint a one-of-a-kind franchise NFT. Once Franchises are created, it’s time to battle it out for prizes and all the glory.

Season forecast: The MetaBowl roadmap

Dropping in late January 2022, a total of 3,000 Element NFTs will be made available on the Ethereum Network. These will be the Element NFTs required to make Franchise NFTs and thus, the lifeblood of the Meta Super League metaverse. Around 10 days following the drop, investors will be able to unwrap their Element NFTs. Whitelisting has already begun on the MSL Discord, don’t miss out.

Come February, it’s game time as the decentralized application to create Franchise NFTs officially launches, and players can start burning their Element NFTs and receive their own Franchises. With a total maximum of 1,000 Franchise NFTs available post-burn, players will need to be ready to act and claim their stake to fame. 

Additionally, with the ownership of Franchise NFTs, owners also automatically join the Meta Super League decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This DAO provides control of the project’s direction to the community and, ultimately, ensures the project grows with the community itself.

With features such as combining Franchises, competitions, playoffs, team merchandise and more set to release throughout the year, investors will be engaged with the project through all of 2022.

Every MetaBowl needs security

In addition to owning their own team and brand, investors can rest assured that the project is fully doxxed and the team and founders can be seen here. Security is a crucial aspect in the NFT space, and many projects are unveiled without any indication of the identity of their founders. Meta Super League acknowledges this need for security and provides complete transparency to all players who want to get involved.

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