MetaBrands is a metaverse resource DAO that is providing a Gateway to the Metaverse—allowing instant exposure and one simple access point to the top-performing nonfungible tokens (NFTs), play-to-earn models and player-owned economies. MetaBrands is a collective (DAO) that was originally founded with 12 advisors from different projects, ecosystems and countries around the world. Its vision is to unite everyone’s efforts and create a shared pool of skill, talent and expertise that could be used to support great projects and brands. The philosophy is simple, “a rising tide raises all ships.”


With ever-changing landscapes within the realms of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and these digital and virtual realities, it is almost impossible to keep up with everything. MetaBrands helps to solve this by providing one easy point of entry with the MAGE token, as well as a passionate community that has been traversing this digital terrain for years. With the collective efforts of the DAO advisors and the community, MetaBrands has a wider network, skill-set, resources and potential to elevate everything with which it comes into contact. Additionally, this grants the community the choice to vote with their MAGE tokens and decide which projects and games that MetaBrands should participate in and contribute to, in which the yield earned from these efforts is shared with MAGE Relic (NFT) owners.


These MAGE Relic NFTs can be seen as “multi-passes to the Metaverse.” For example, owning this NFT within the MetaBrands ecosystem will provide a handful of benefits and perks, such as: monthly yield, DAO permissions, whitelisting, discounts and more. These benefits are not only limited to the MetaBrands ecosystem, but also extend to other blockchains, applications, ecosystems and games. For example, owning these NFTs could allow the owner to have 0 trading fees across a certain asset exchange, It could provide a 10% speed bonus in a game, or even a 5% chance for a higher tier loot drop. The possibilities are endless and this is one of the key missions behind these NFTs — to identify symbiotic opportunities within different ecosystems where everyone can benefit.

MAGE Relic NFTs are ERC-721 tokens that are minted in the official portal within the MetaBrands website. The requirement for these NFTs is to sacrifice or burn MAGE tokens to craft these rare NFTs. There are only two ways to acquire them: mint on the MetaBrands website or trade them on supported NFT marketplaces or in peer-to-peer transactions.

There are three types of relics:

Master Relic: 10,000 MAGE Tokens

Oracle Relic: 25,000 MAGE Tokens

Archmage Relic: 50,000 MAGE Tokens

Each one of these ranks or relics possesses unique attributes and benefits. To learn more about these MAGE Relics, visit the official MetaBrands website or read the White Paper.

Will MetaBrands only be on Ethereum?

As advocates for interoperability and cross-chain compatibility, MetaBrands is not limited to Ethereum and will participate and contribute to many projects, applications and games outside of the Ethereum ecosystem. After the official launch of the MAGE token, MetaBrands seeks to create bridges to Avalanche (AVAX) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Additional bridges are likely to follow, depending on the demand and feedback from the DAO.

What’s Next?

MetaBrands is preparing for the official launch of the MAGE token and then immediately deploying resources into brands, ecosystems and games that will be voted on by the DAO. During this time, MetaBrands is also creating strategic partnerships with long-established, play-to-earn games as well as helping to incubate new games, metaverse-based environments and other player-owned economies. Reference the roadmap to get a crystal clear picture of what all MetaBrands is seeking to achieve, as when 2022 begins, new portals will be opening and accessible.

How do I participate?

Anyone can join the MetaBrands community and participate in discussions, events and even contribute to the project’s growth and development. One simple way of having immediate access to many facets of the MetaBrands ecosystem is to own the MAGE utility and governance token. One MAGE token is equivalent to one vote in the governance model, through the Snapshot platform. Learn more about the key features of the MAGE token on the White Paper.

Welcome to the Gateway! Journey safely, fellow mages…

MetaBrands Resources:

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