There is no shortage of dreamers in the world of the Metaverse.

After Facebook renamed itself Meta and companies such as Microsoft and Nvidia announced increased investment and development, the Metaverse has since become a popular subject worldwide. This also helped to bring attention to a number of related technologies such as Web 3.0, GameFi, nonfungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized autonomous exchange (DAO), VR/AR and so on. The entire capital market is now shifting focus toward the Metaverse.

The Bloomberg industry research report predicts that the metaverse sector will reach a market value of $800 billion in 2024, PricewaterhouseCoopers also predicts that the market value of metaverse will reach $1.5 trillion in 2030. The well-known consulting organization Gartner also indicates that a key infrastructure of the Metaverse, nonfungible tokens and decentralization, or blockchain, technologies will be much more developed in the next two years. Hence, much of the hundreds of billions of potential long-term values hidden in the metaverse sector have yet to be extracted. The tremendous wealth effect will likely continue to attract countless investors into this market.

The Metaverse is still in its early stages. Some venture institutions including have divided the core framework of the Metaverse into hardware, network layer, computing power, virtual platform, protocols and standards, payment methods, contents, services, assets, consumer behaviors and other categories. However, a16z partner Chris Dixon sees ownership as the core of the Metaverse, and that is a key aspect for how blockchain technology can be applied in the Metaverse.

Besides the rush of capital inflows and new technologies, we are also expecting revolutionary experiences that the Metaverse can bring to us. As virtual worlds are being developed, the Metaverse not only is expected to offer scenes and experiences not available in the real world, but more importantly, the Metaverse allows us to be in a world not controlled and tracked by centralized institutions where people can express themselves freely. In this world, like depicted in the movie Ready Player One, players can experience exciting games, brands can make advertisements, artists can display their works and singers can host virtual concerts, among other things. The diverse and rich possibilities of this universe will reshape the way people socialize and express themselves.

Just like the real world, all of the above activities need to happen on top of space in the Metaverse or virtual land property. This brings us to the project we want to introduce: The MetaOasis. 

MetaOasis: Developer in the Metaverse

Similar to the land resources in the real world, the value of land assets in the Metaverse can vary depending on scarcity. The scarcer the land, the higher the value it has. Scarcity is driven by demand, which is based on the level of activities and user population of the underlying metaverse. In some of the popular metaverse projects, a scarce land plot could be sold for millions of dollars, which is likely outside of the budgets of most developers and designers even though they have creative ideas. Moreover, like art collections, virtual lands are also represented in the form of NFTs which is relatively illiquid. Moreover, it could be challenging to estimate a fair valuation of these land assets or to do property management tasks such as a rental agreement. Lastly, it would be a problem if a metaverse has too many idle land assets with nothing built, which is harmful to the underlying metaverse ecosystem to prosper.

The emergence of DAOs may be a solution to overcome the many challenges and problems in metaverse land development. In a DAO, the rewards are fairly distributed to all members and contributors instead of just a group of selected few. MetaOasis is a DAO project that focuses on metaverse land investment and development. With the benefit of a DAO structure, MetaOasis aims to overcome the many problems and to provide solutions to the current pain points of metaverse land development.

First of all, people who want to invest in metaverse land assets can join the MetaOasis DAO by holding DAO tokens. The DAO tokens enable the holder exposure to land ownership of the DAO and to share the profits of the project in the future. Secondly, MetaOasis DAO offers a lower entry barrier option. Instead of purchasing land directly, which often requires substantial capital, anyone can obtain exposure to metaverse land investment and development by holding MetaOasis tokens which can be bought or earned by contribution. In addition, MetaOasis DAO members can easily trade their tokens to obtain liquidity instead of having to sell an NFT, which is typically in an auction-like manner. Last but not least, as a DAO, all the members share the same vision of pursuing more efficient and better land development to create more value, which is different from the simple buy-and-wait strategy of some projects that merely captures the value from asset appreciation. All members will benefit from the long-term value creation of the DAO. 

To achieve the vision mentioned above, MetaOasis believes that a fair and transparent DAO governance structure is essential. For example, governance council and operation council are formed and members can vote to approve proposals, objectives and budgets of each epoch, as well as to elect council members to be responsible for the daily operations to achieve the epoch objectives. For more details regarding the DAO governance, please refer to the project’s white paper.

On the lands owned and developed by MetaOasis DAO, designers, artists and developers will be able to develop and collaborate more effectively, thereby improving resource utilization and building a better Metaverse together. In essence, MetaOasis DAO’s model is more efficient, provides more incentives for creativity and is more in line with the spirits of decentralization such as openness, fairness and diversification. We hope that MetaOasis will also help to promote the principles of fairness and inclusiveness of DAO to a broader spectrum in metaverse development projects. 

In summary, for those of you who are interested in the Metaverse, especially the development opportunities on metaverse lands, it is definitely worthwhile to learn more about MetaOasis DAO. You may find yourself a community of interesting people sharing the same vision to work together to start a new paradigm of virtual land development in the age of the metaverse.

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