MetaShooter, a play-to-earn (P2E) hunting metaverse, continues to take major steps toward the launch of its initial decentralized exchange offering on April 21, with its token generation event held the same day. 

MetaShooter is first decentralized, blockchain-based hunting metaverse built on the blockchain and Unreal Engine. 

By releasing the project, the team joins millions of gaming enthusiasts in a global community, contributing a realistic hunting experience while developing skills that can be monetized. 

With its unique project, the MetaShooter team will increase interest in the crypto market by innovating P2E gaming with its brand that can solve problems associated with the industry, such as illogical ecosystems, boring gameplay, lack of visuals, poor utilization of rewards and more.

MetaShooter offers:

  • The opportunity to develop and buy hunting lands
  • Building towers, breeding nonfungible token (NFT) dogs and exploring the hunting world
  • Earning passive income while hunting
  • Hunting various animals and experiencing realistic dynamics and stunning visuals
  • Receiving token rewards by winning tournaments or hunting trophies
  • The opportunity to play in tournaments.

MetaShooter features

The team offers distinct features. For a start, it will deliver sharp graphics that gives users a real-life hunting experience. They can complete missions, challenges, hunt and earn rewards. The game also has a chat session and leaderboards where players can communicate with their counterparts elsewhere. 

MetaShooter is developing a proper metaverse on the blockchain. Players aren’t stuck to a strategy; they have the resources to develop their hunting strategies, become more effective at hunting and increase their chances of winning tournaments and hunting trophies. The game’s impressive 50-square-kilometer space is reminiscent of Grand Auto Theft V. 

Seed sale

The team has just completed its seed sale, which it raised in a few days and saw overbooked by almost three times the raised amount. The project received huge interest from top-tier venture capitals and launchpads. 


The MetaShooter team has partnered with big companies such as Master Ventures, BlueZilla, AscendEx Ventures, Metavest Capital, Good Games Guild (GGG), Zignaly, Kangaroo Capital, Fish DAO, KPC, Zelwin and others. 

Some launchpads — such as Ignition Launchpad, BSCPad, Babylons, Starter.XYZ, Polypad, Blokpad and Kommunitas — have also shown interest in the project by partnering with the team. 

To add, MetaShooter is striving for many other partnerships regarding game development, gaming guilds, esports arenas and more, with organizations such as Earn Guild, GG eSports Arena, GGG, Yield Yeti, SpeedTree, Nvidia, Polygon Studios and more.


MetaShooter is already confirmed for listing on exchanges such as BitMart, Mexc and AscendEx. The team is finalizing its MHUNT token listing with More great updates should come soon, as the MetaShooter team is in the final stages of discussion with centralized exchanges such as Huobi Global, KuCoin and Bybit. 

Game development

The game’s development is slated for April and May. The alpha version will be released for guild members, early investors, invitation key-holders and NFT-badge holders. 

Players can earn NFTs and other cool rewards by completing missions and challenges. In the alpha, players will be able to experience one of MetaShooter’s hunting regions that will offer many activities. They can also stake MHUNT on their dashboards. On the launch day, the token’s utility will already be in effect. 


The demo should be available within the next three to four months. The mobile version of the game, as well as the full game, should be available between the next six to nine months, while the open-world virtual reality version is slated for next year. The release date will be announced later. The full game will consist of all gameplay modes and features promised. 

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