UAE, Dubai, December 21, 2021 — Become rich, become infamous, become a Kingpin in the rated R metaverse play-to-earn game, Sin City. We are excited to announce that the long-awaited initial land sale of Sin City will go live on December 27, 2021.  

Sin City will now open its doors to players who want to immerse themselves in a universe where they can not only build an empire of their dreams but also earn cryptocurrency at the same time. The Sin City game is not like any other you have come across. This vast adult-themed metaverse game, dubbed GTA on the blockchain, will make available 15,000 plots of land with each district consisting of distinctive properties for the sale. 

The plots will measure 10 meters by 10 meters (approximately 32.81 square feet) across 17 districts, each of them containing unique features and resources that can be pulled for gameplay and revenue-generating purposes. Landowners in these districts benefit as much as these districts are farmed to extract in-game items and earn SIN tokens.

As a result of the increasing demand for Sin City’s staking pools, a whitelist early access sale of 2,100 plots will be conducted within 48 hours. The sale comes at a price discount of 3,000 and the only currency accepted is the SIN token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. 

Meanwhile, the public sale commences on Dec. 29 with 1,000 plots available at the rate of 4,000 SIN. Plots of land in four districts can be purchased in the initial land sale and if an individual successfully staked in one of the three staking pools launched in November and met the minimum criteria, he or she will be successfully whitelisted. 

Whitelist results will be released shortly and will offer users the ability to purchase land. The price and instructional guide on how to purchase land will be released on December 21, 2021. The land will be sold directly from the Sin City Marketplace Map, where users can select the plot of land they would like to purchase.

Delve into the world of Sin City 

In Sin City, one of the characteristics to look out for is the level of risk involved in each of the districts: the high-safe, the low-security and the zero security zones.  

A high-security safe zone allows you to roam around freely without the fear of being attacked by other players. If you are attacked, expect authorities to show up in the blink of an eye to protect you and lock up the offender. 

Spaces In low-security zones are controlled by factions and gangs and it will be a brutal affair. This implies they will protect just their territory but not the entire region, and other groups can try and take over the stronghold but it won’t be easy. The perk is that as the risks are minor, the rewards are also higher compared to the high-security safe zone.

Finally, there are also zero security zones where there are no rules, no laws. It’s just one big battleground. In this zone, expect to see gang wars in every direction as players fight to protect their nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and pick the pockets of the players they’ve taken down. It’s a high-risk area, but the rewards are enormous. 

In addition, it is highly crucial to note that in any district there will be different ways to generate revenue for landowners. As land is scarce and will be a passive income generator, it is anticipated these parcels or plots of land will be highly sought after. 

Below are the four districts that will be available for sale in the initial land sale on December 27, 2021.

The Strip

The strip is deemed as a high net wealth area that is a Safe Zone for players who want a zone in which they can freely roam. The strip is highly unique and will accommodate the largest casinos in the metaverse, all provided by various limited partners. 

Landowners can build distinct hotels here, high-end clubs and even charge for entrance. More so, game players will be able to extract valuable resources that can be traded for in-game items, such as designer watches for your in-game characters.

It is anticipated that this will be a highly social environment where users are likely to build their penthouse suites to party with their friends after a big win in the casino.

The Cartel District

The Cartel District is run by gangs, meaning it is a low-security zone. Here, you will come across some of the worst people you will ever meet and players can gather vital resources such as plants to craft drug farms. 

These can all be cultivated by landowners and sold to various suppliers to generate a healthy return. Moreover, drugs are consumed by players to briefly boost their in-player health stats due to the scarcity of land in the Cartel District. Indeed, there will be high demand and many gun battles for the various drug farms available. 

There will also be the ability to kill NPC characters who will drop illegal arms and drugs, which can be sold on the marketplace. 


The Chinatown region will feature authentic Far East housing and will also be the home of fraud and corruption. It is considered a low-security zone that will be gang run, mainly by the Triads. Nobody can be trusted in this region and it will house the most valuable asset in the entire ecosystem.

Red Light District

This district is the premier district for adult entertainment on the blockchain. This place can be explored anonymously through video chats, adult film stars, swinger clubs, brothels and much more. Only the real P.I.M.P’s make money here. 

Although considered a Safe Zone, land prices in this area are likely to come at a premium. Players who hook up here can receive temporary boosts to their characters and this will be a highly social environment with blockchain technology allowing adult entertainers to own their content via NFTs, which is the core of this district. 

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