London, March 30, 2022 — Caduceus, the world’s first metaverse protocol with decentralized edge rendering, designed to provide the infrastructure layer for metaverse development, has raised $4 million in an over-subscribed Series A round jointly led by Susquehanna International Group, the leading crypto investment firm founded by Jeff Yass and BlockFills,  the world leading disruptive technology firm dedicated to cryptocurrency.

Other lead investors in the round included Bin Zayed Group, Qredo, TokenInsight, Nukkleus, Europe’s leading digital asset execution platform Digital RFQ and Luna Venture Capital. Celebrity investment comes in the form of soccer legend, ex-England and Chelsea Football Club captain John Terry.

The funds will help the future development of decentralized rendering and edge cloud computing as part of the Caduceus Metaverse Protocol. 

Tim Bullman, co-founder of Caduceus, said, “We are delighted that investors have recognized the value of the Caduceus Metaverse Protocol layer-1 blockchain, which is dedicated to the production of an infrastructure layer to enable industry-wide metaverse development.

“Caduceus is developing a suite of developer toolkits and hardware solutions that create a rich environment for metaverse development, enabling the building, financing, and cross-chain portability of 3D worlds and digital assets from metaverse to metaverse — all from a decentralized, fully modular, open access blockchain with lower transaction costs, higher speeds and greater security than any other public blockchain — and we are pleased to see the investment community recognizing the huge potential of this ground-breaking technology.”

Caduceus is a developer-friendly, easy-to-use underlying public chain platform that comes with its own complete set of development tools.

“Caduceus is the home of the future,” said Bullman. “A place to develop everything the metaverse has to offer — in finance, in commerce, in creativity and for businesses as yet undreamed of — and this successful investment round propels us a step closer to enabling the building of that future on the Caduceus blockchain.” 

About Caduceus 

Caduceus is an infrastructure-level open blockchain platform specifically built for the metaverse and the decentralized digital world. Caduceus utilizes decentralized rendering and edge computing along with extended-reality technology to bring developers, creators, and users an unrivaled metaverse experience. 

Founded and developed by a group of international investors and blockchain experts, Caduceus has brought together a range of talent to oversee this ambitious project.

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