Dubai, March 17, 2022 — Verse Estate, the first real estate agency in the metaverse, has announced its platform’s official launch. 

The virtual real estate platform will bridge the physical and digital worlds by providing hyper-realistic, fully customizable luxury products in the metaverse. It allows users to buy properties linked to nonfungible tokens (NFTs) that act as digital keys for owners’ private luxury estates where they can display digital assets on their walls, invite up to 100 friends, stream Netflix and even play virtual reality (VR) games. They will help brands and celebrities transition to the metaverse by fostering state-of-the-art immersive experiences, bringing user experiences to new heights.

Users can explore properties bought on Verse Estate through the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. The app is on the Oculus store. 

Verse Estate has set the bar high in the metaverse, with an unprecedented customer service that sells NFTs and accompanies users to ensure their comfort.

A passive income source 

Verse Estate has formed a team of high-quality professionals with years of experience and proven track records to nurture this company to life — blurring the line between the physical and digital worlds more than ever before. It will offer users a new immersive experience and provide a true utility — viable passive income. Users can rent their acquired properties and earn income regularly.

Property owners will be members of an exclusive community including celebrities and influencers such as the renowned French artist Vincent Faudemer, who has purchased land on Verse Estate and launched, in partnership with Verse, a limited-edition metaverse villa collection in Los Angeles that sold out in minutes. The collection comes with an integrated VR game permitting users to interact with Faudemer’s art sculptures.

In the Web3 revolution, companies such as Verse Estate are shaping the future of the metaverse and driving innovation. The metaverse is expected to be worth more than $30 trillion by the end of 2035; it will change the way people work, play, shop and interact daily.

Verse Estate is adopting a fully decentralized approach, where the platform is governed by users and has a highly scalable model to provide access to luxurious products. 

The possibilities with Verse Estate are endless and will let users do almost anything in the metaverse — live concerts, shopping, working, creating businesses and more.

What Verse Estate has to say

Mickael Reignier, co-founder and CEO of Verse Estate, said, “Here at Verse Estate, we don’t just sell you a villa or a private jet; we give you the opportunity to make your wildest dreams come true. Come build a life of true luxury and make the impossible possible.”

While Verse Estate’s private sale of LA villas has sold out, it will hold a public sale toward the end of March. Keep up with news and updates: 

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