A new partnership has been inked between MetaversusWorld, a Web3 hyper-realistic and interactive, persistent virtual multiverse, and Ready Player Me, an avatar platform for the metaverse that allows users to explore virtual worlds with one consistent identity. This partnership marks the beginning of Ready Player Me avatar integration on the MetaversusWorld platform after six months of internal testing. 

Ready Player Me is a top name in the 3D avatar sector for offering hyperrealistic, customizable and interoperable avatars for its users and players between virtual worlds. The avatars can be created from pre-made templates or using a picture of the player. From there, they can be customized to their taste and used across several metaverse platforms. 

This makes Ready Player Me the perfect integration option for MetaversusWorld, as one of its key tenets is offering its citizens the most realistic avatars possible. This is an addition to MetaversusWorld’s native Digital Twin avatar feature. On top of that, players and citizens can switch between avatars with the click of a button and benefit from privacy shields as well. This allows a safe and fun way to explore virtual worlds, play and consume digital content and products. 

“We are looking forward to adding MetaversusWorld to the always-growing list of experiences supporting Ready Player Me avatars,” said Timmu Tõke, co-founder and CEO of Ready Player Me. “Thanks to the integration, MetaversusWorld’s visitors will be able to create or bring their existing Ready Player Me avatars to the platform and explore what it has to offer.”

As digital consumers, citizens can use the avatar features to engage with their favorite brands inside MetaversusWorld. Interested brands can set up shop on the platform, sell nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and digital fashion, and build their own virtual world with experiences for their consumers, without exposing sensitive private data. 

Many existing metaverses operate with “block” or pixelated images that, while entertaining, might not be the best option for meta-brands (brands that are metaverse-focused). MetaversusWorld, on the other hand, is positioning itself to become the premier digital destination for brands looking to embrace Web3.

“Whilst early big-name metaverse projects are pioneers in the space, the GUI experience for users, particularly with avatars, is disappointing. Digital natives expect a certain level of quality when it comes to their characterization in the metaverse — what’s been available until this point simply hasn’t cut it. This is also crucial for brands as they enter the metaverse, moving from Web2 to Web3, to be able to properly showcase their wearables and provide enhanced experiences with premium representations of their items that exceed what they do now. MetaversusWorld provides this level of fidelity and experience, which is why this partnership with Ready Player Me is ideal,” said Moray Hickes, CEO of MetaversusWorld. 

Metaverse spending is fast on the rise, and this integration only means that brand-consumer engagement is going to get easier. Customers already engage with these brands in the material world and can now do so in the metaverse. 

MetaversusWorld also prides itself on being a brand solution provider for the metaverse through graphics development, story creation and value delivery. This involves setting up a brand identity for companies looking to explore Web3. It also involves adapting clients to a new advertising model that is custom-built for a Web3 environment. 

MetaversusWorld is also on track to launch its alpha gameplay and NFT marketplace in Q4 2022. In this marketplace, digital assets will be available for purchase among consumers. 

About MetaversusWorld

Founded in June 2021 on UnrealEngine5 and the Ethereum Virtual Machine, MetaversusWorld is a Web3 hyper-realistic and interactive, persistent virtual multiverse. Serving both business-to-business (B2B) brands and digital consumers, MetaversusWorld is the premium Web3 platform with its own native currency and circular economy. 

The platform will be available as a downloadable client in Q4 2022, with Pixel Streaming available for premium B2B clients, and aims to become the home for meta-brands, NFT enthusiasts, players and digital consumers looking for immersive experiences. 


Name: Roxana Nasoi, CMO