Metria Network, the much-awaited solution for the crypto industry, will be in reach soon. The chain-agnostic decentralized infrastructure meets the needs of new-age decentralized finance (DeFi) and nonfungible token (NFT) applications by solving the issues of scalability, interoperability and liquidity fragmentation. 

Currently under development, the Metria multichain platform is a Polygon-based ecosystem that combines the necessary features and enhancements required for the seamless transfer of digital assets and liquidity across protocols. While a Polygon-native platform, Metria also supports the Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain (BSC) protocols with future plans to expand. 

A peek into the Metria ecosystem

The Metria ecosystem provides the necessary infrastructure and tools to develop and deploy a diverse range of multichain-capable DeFi and NFT applications. The first few products to be launched as part of the ecosystem are the project’s flagship decentralized exchange (DEX) platform Metria DEX, Unified NFT Marketplace, NFT tools and its universal staking and farming platform. 

Metria DEX

Metria DEX, is a decentralized, user-friendly multichain exchange platform that incorporates a familiar interface and centralized exchange-like features. The exchange protocol is a window for users to trade any crypto asset available on any supported blockchain protocols. Apart from allowing the cross-chain trading of existing crypto assets, the platform also supports trading synthetic tokens linked to real-world assets. 

The Metria DEX dashboard is a unified interface for cross-chain trades, swaps, staking, yield farming and other DeFi activities. Apart from its staking and farming protocols, Metria DEX is also an aggregator that lists staking pools and prevalent annual percentage yields in real-time. Users can directly stake assets on any listed pools from the dashboard.

Unified NFT Marketplace

Metria is laying the groundwork for a robust, universal NFT ecosystem with its Unified NFT Marketplace. The first-of-its-kind decentralized multichain NFT marketplace allows users to mint, trade and auction NFTs on Metria and other blockchain ecosystems. The market is for users to discover NFTs in different marketplaces on various protocols and purchase them directly using Metria’s native utility and governance token, METR.

NFT creators can use the NFT creation tools and other related services to mint NFTs, assess their value and list them on the Unified NFT Marketplace. Once listed, the NFTs will be indexed across marketplaces on all supported protocols, amplifying discoverability in the process. 

Metria blockchain 

Undergoing development in parallel to other Metria platform features, the Metria blockchain is a Polysharding-based, Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible, proof-of-stake consensus blockchain protocol designed for chain-agnostic operations. The protocol is being developed as a universal protocol that can cater to the needs of new-age DeFi and NFT projects by providing a low-cost, highly scalable and completely decentralized infrastructure solution. 

The cross-chain capability and EVM compatibility make it easy for new and existing projects to adopt Metria and gain access to a much wider community and enhanced liquidity across different protocols. A key differentiator between Metria and other networks is its ability to allow seamless transfer of assets across protocols with the help of specialized crypto-bridge infrastructure. By erasing boundaries between protocols, Metria permits a free flow of liquidity to maintain a healthy balance of demand and supply for projects in the ecosystem. 

The METR token

Powering the entire Metria cross-chain ecosystem is METR. The token is multichain and will be available on Polygon, Ethereum and BSC. It will expand to other protocols eventually. 

METR is the preferred mode of value exchange in the Metria ecosystem. Users can access various products and services, enjoy discounted trading fees on the Metria DEX and NFT Marketplace, and earn through staking, liquidity-provisioning and yield-farming activities in the ecosystem. 

The upcoming METR whitelisting and public sale will be followed by listing on popular automated market maker DEXs such as Uniswap, QuickSwap and PancakeSwap on Ethereum, Polygon and BSC, respectively.

About Metria

Metria is an all-inclusive, fully decentralized financial ecosystem that erases all boundaries between blockchains and cryptocurrencies. The infrastructure is designed to ease individual access to digital assets.