The world has seen a spike in interest in digital assets and their utility over the last year. 

Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) became popular and decentralized finance (DeFi) exploded, building on this hype MEXC Global has developed MEXC Pioneer to foster these new projects and help artists and entrepreneurs build their projects by providing them with tools necessary for the project’s development. 

MEXC Pioneer is now partnering with the Metaverse Alliance to launch a Metathon.  

The Metaverse Alliance has started Metathon, a hackathon event in which teams will come together to create projects in the metaverse. With over $50 million in prizes, it is a great opportunity for aspiring developers to turn their ideas into reality. The focus of the Metathon is to enable these creators to create projects that will essentially take the metaverse to the next level. 

With multiple partners like Polygon, Avalanche, Republic and MEXC Pioneer, the event will provide a promising platform for aspiring creators. 

MEXC Pioneer was developed to tap into the expanding metaverse market. In doing so MEXC Pioneer will help tackle the lack of funding avenues for those trying to launch their own metaverse project, a challenge that, in the past, has hampered the development of projects in the metaverse.    

The platform has been allocated more than $100 Million in funds to invest in the field of NFTs, DeFi and decentralized gaming, all heavy growth areas in the crypto world and the metaverse. 

MEXC Pioneer is not just going to invest in these projects, it is going to be the supporting arm behind them. They will provide technical support as well as financial support to help new founders take their projects forward. 

Playing an active part in the development of these projects, providing them with all the expertise and knowledge that the MEXC global team has accumulated over the years. The Founder of MEXC Pioneer Katherine Deng in an interview said: 

“In this extraordinary era of growth for decentralized technology, we want to establish a specific platform with all of our resources gathered to support the innovative development teams and projects and help bring their ideas to life.” 

The partnership between The Metaverse Alliance and MEXC Pioneer makes absolute sense as both the projects have a single aim, taking the metaverse to the next level. 

The Metathon is expected to result in some great projects that might come to the metaverse fold, and the financial backing of MEXC Pioneer will surely be a change maker for a lot of these projects. 

About MEXC Global 

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