TEAMZ Blockchain Summit will take place on April 6th and 7th in Tokyo, Japan. The purpose of the summit is to unite the blockchain community with traditional finance and institutions.

TEAMZ believes crypto conferences haven’t focused on uniting but rather distancing themselves from mainstream business. They plan to change this by bringing in popular IPO businesses, traditional investment funds, and large institutions in addition to the top blockchain projects and experts in the industry.

Their CEO, Tianyu Yang, was quoted saying, “Our mission at TEAMZ is to help grow the industry and increase actual usability. Whether we started in blockchain or from a traditional IPO business, we can achieve innovation faster together. We’re excited to have representatives from Microsoft, LINE, IBM, Oracle, and Fujitsu to help us understand how they perceive blockchain and how they plan to use the technology moving forward.”

The first panel of the summit is titled ‘Does Blockchain Need Elon Musk? Fighting For Mainstream Use’, which will talk about what is needed to bring blockchain mainstream. “This panel will be joined by individuals who have actual experience bringing new innovations to the masses.”

We’re excited to welcome these following panelists:

  • Motoaki Nishiwaki, Microsoft Japan Executive / Executive Evangelist
  • Shinichiro Isago, Platform Evangelist Manager, Developer Relations of LINE Corporation
  • Yasuaki Matsumoto, Chief Senior Consultant of FUJITSU RESEARCH INSTITUTE
  • Tsuyoshi Hirayama, Manager, Consulting Architect at IBM Japan
  • Michimasa Naka, Founder of Boardwalk Capital

Another initiative at the TEAMZ Blockchain Summit is their ‘Bring A Friend’ promotion. Any attendee can bring a friend free of charge they want to introduce to blockchain. Every friends pass must be accompanied with a regular ticket holder.

To get your free pass you can use this link.