After a successful launch, releasing an NFT collection and coin that strives to resist the market’s ups and downs, Mind Music is having its multichain launch on Saturday, June 25.

The Mind Music project is about creating awareness for mental health issues and helping those who struggle with them. For the multichain launch, Mind Music wants to create a bridge between blockchains as a plethora of opportunities for long-term sustainability and consistently low fees.

Investors can participate in the Fair Launch on Mind Music to acquire assets and watch them grow as more join the community. Participants can contribute to the event on the Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, Cronos and Avalanche blockchains from the Mind Music official website. 

About the Mind Music NFT

The Mind Music nonfungible token (NFT) collection comprises 1,010 NFTs, with 1,000 for public sale and the remaining 10 reserved for the team or giveaways. NFTs are typically higher in demand as scarcity rises, and Mind Music NFTs are no different.

Along with the collection, there are 10 exclusive NFTS hidden in the 1,000 being sold. Owning a Legendary NFT offers rewards and benefits on the platform, and minting more Mind Music NFTs increases the likelihood of minting one. 

Passive income with NFT holding

One percent of reflections from Mind Music transactions will distribute equally among NFT holders as the only way to earn reflections on the platform. A 10% fee will be levied on all NFT trades and used to purchase Mind Music tokens before equally distributing them among NFT holders as well. 

CryptoWendyO, a successful YouTube channel that covers the crypto industry, has reviewed Mind Music.

Mind Music first limited-edition CD, other gifts

Mind Music is offering a CD of Mark Hamilton’s album and a download package for all NFT purchasers, delivered once in stock. This is the only way to physically own the limited edition.

Direct entry to Mind Music events:

Mind Music offers all NFT holders free entry to all future events. Legendary NFT holders get access to all areas, free food and drinks and can also meet artists performing at concerts or events.

About the Mind Music token

The Mind Music token is substantially advanced, and given the multi-chain integration using the dedicated bridge, investors would be able to trade the Mind Music token on different blockchains, including Ethereum, Binance, Cronos, Avalanche, Fantom, and Matic. It makes the Mind Music token one of the first to achieve such an elaborate multi-chain integration.

The token will list on 10 centralized exchanges later this year and is currently available on and CoinTiger. Mind Music offers passive income through staking; investors can choose from available staking pools with different locking periods and APY rates. After 180 days, returns will hopefully reach 75%, but there are options for lower locking periods as well.

During May and June, Mind Music has been studio-recording with two new artists, and these recordings will be released sometime during this year’s third or fourth quarters. 

So, this is the right time to mint the Mind Music NFT and invest in the Mind Music token to earn the best ROI and keep your money safe in this highly volatile market. Also, once the multi-chain setup is complete after the Fair Launch, investors can seamlessly trade coins between blockchains at a very little cost, thus making Mind Music the most promising project of the time.