New York, June 22, 2021 Mintr has formed a strategic partnership with AU21 Capital, a leading blockchain venture investment firm. Mintr created a platform that significantly broadens access to nonfungible tokens, driving wider adoption and utilization. NFT technology is poised to redefine the functionality of cryptocurrencies, and we are excited to work with AU21 Capital as we develop our project.

Mintr is a new avenue by which NFTs may be created, viewed and traded. NFTs have become a highly desirable focus for major media companies, international artists and buyers who wish to interact with this high-growth emerging market.

AU21 Capital clearly sees value in the platform that Mintr has created and is working with our firm to help it raise development funds. With the help of AU21 Capital, Mintr will substantially grow its operation and proceed to launch the most innovative NFT marketplace in the world.

NFTs have become a popular medium for individuals to own a verifiably unique digital token that contains content they see as valuable. Some of the largest media companies in the world, such as CNN and Fox, are investing in NFTs while artists, such as Banksy, are creating these digital assets.

Mintr is predicated on a thesis that will come to define the NFT space. Buyers and NFT creators should have a platform that acts as both a gallery as well as a market to connect counterparties. Our firm has created a platform that allows both business-to-business and business-to-customer transactions for NFT creators and buyers. Mintr uses Polygon technology to achieve expedient transaction time with nominal gas fees. 

Nearly any form of NFTs can be viewed and traded on Mintr. In this capacity, our project acts as a decentralized exchange for NFTs, brings together individuals who are creating NFTs, and allows buyers to connect with the most sought-after NFTs in a secure environment.

We believe that AU21 Capital is the ideal choice of partner to help Mintr grow. The venture capital firm has consistently ranked among the most active investors since 2017 and has helped dozens of blockchain projects meet their funding and listing goals.

NFTs are expanding

NFTs have existed on the periphery for a few years, but over the last 18 months, they have become a popular way for people to own unique, digital content on a large scale. While cryptocurrencies have been a hot topic in the financial community over the past decade, NFTs now serve as a vehicle for the exchange and ownership of digital assets in the wider economy.

While people may see money as a form of utility, content is viewed as far more personal. With this advantage, the NFT market has been able to expand substantially and create opportunities for both investors and content creators.

NFTs offer both the capital appreciation that has made cryptos popular and the uniqueness that collectors love. It isn’t a surprise that this emerging asset class has made headlines globally over the past year.

Like many aspects of the cryptocurrency economy, the base technology that allows NFTs to exist was developed first and with little regard for the people who would use the technology at a retail level. This leaves the industry with massive demand and poor retail-facing infrastructure, which needs to be addressed.

While the market for retail NFT trading and issuance is likely larger than is currently understood, many parts of the user experience need to be worked out before NFTs become a daily part of the global digital economy.

Thankfully, NFTs became popular at a time when consumer electronics are a mature technology and people are accustomed to using computers daily. With the correct platforms, NFTs are likely to continue their substantial rate of growth in the long term.

About Mintr

Mintr is a holistic NFT platform that allows people to fully experience all that NFTs have to offer. In addition to acting as a DEX for NFTs, Mintr also lets NFT owners or any interested party inspect NFTs — much like a virtual NFT museum.

While Mintr is creating retail solutions for the NFT market, its platform is also well suited for business-to-business NFT transactions and issuance. With major media companies and high-profile artists entering the NFT space, Mintr is well-placed to grow in a market that continues to attract both investors and buyers.

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You can view the live demo here.

About AU21 Capital

AU21 Capital is a venture capital firm that was founded by Chandler Guo and Kenzi Wang in 2017. It is dedicated to supporting the development of cutting-edge technology projects that have the potential to create new capital flows and demonstrable value for both investors and users.

Blockchain technology is hitting the global market at every level, and AU21 Capital was an early mover in the space. With talented people working to create both opportunities and organic growth from solid ideas that can operate in today’s marketplace, AU21 Capital is actualizing positive change.

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