Singapore, April 8, 2022 — Mobland, the first-ever Mafia-themed metaverse, has announced a partnership with Wormhole, the largest cross-chain interoperability protocol, to build a GameFi 2.0 cross-chain bridging solution. Mobland’s mafia-as-a-decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governance system has been the number-one nonfungible token (NFT) collection on Binance NFT’s all-time volumes for four months running.

The cross-chain solution by Mobland and Wormhole is accomplished in close collaboration with Nduja Labs, a laboratory for decentralized projects and publisher of Everdragons2, a play-to-earn (P2E) cross-chain NFT blockchain game. The partnership will introduce a first-of-its-kind technology that utilizes a novel method of cross-chain communication to allow an almost sharding-like mechanism.

Players will be able to stake Mobland’s SYNR governance token and in-game NFT assets on the Ethereum network and mint in-game assets cross-chain on BNB Smart Chain and multiple other chains. The first implementation of this GameFi 2.0 solution will occur in Mobland and Everdragons2, which will bring the seamless transfer of value and information to both metaverses across multiple chains.

Built in collaboration with Wormhole, Mobland’s players and NFT owners maintain ownership of the in-game assets across all chains. In the case of generic NFT bridges, when an NFT is moved to a destination chain, it is minted in a newly generated contract that the bridge itself controls. This takes power away from the assets because the bridged asset will not have all the properties from the originating chain. 

On the partnership, Roy Liu, co-founder of Mobland, said, “Building a powerful gaming metaverse that attracts more users ultimately depends on supporting as many capabilities as possible. Our collaboration with Wormhole is designed to accomplish just that. We are strengthening our P2E offering through interoperability, opening up Mobland to the rest of the decentralized finance universe. This, in turn, will invite more widespread participation, provide greater in-game liquidity provision, open users to opportunities such as liquidity staking, and allow NFTs and fungible tokens to move across chains, fostering an open and highly approachable GameFi economy.”

Hendrik Hofstadt, direct of special projects at Jump Crypto and internal lead of Wormhole, said, “Interoperability is crucial to greater blockchain usability and adoption, and Wormhole makes Mobland more accessible. The ability to stake outside the ecosystem and grant more utility for tokens — fungible and NFT — opens vast earning potential for players and amplifies the overall GameFi value proposition.”

To honor the new community effort, MOBLAND is offering participation in the April 20 launch to the first 10,000 Mobland members to join the new Discord server: Mobland’s collaboration with Wormhole and Nduja Labs creates a gaming metaverse that is chain-agnostic, opening up the metaverse to more possibilities, users and liquidity. 

About Mobland

Mobland is the first-ever mafia metaverse. Displaying a stylized take on the world of modern syndicates, Mobland is free-to-play and P2E while truly making the metaverse more accessible by introducing a revolutionary mafia-as-a-DAO. Players can grind in daily events, player-versus-environment, player-versus-player and syndicate events such as cross-chain tournaments. The game is developed by a team of industry experts from Disney, Ubisoft, Roblox, Electronic Arts, Gameloft, Google, Yahoo and Twitter.

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