Singapore, April 11, 2022 — MojitoSwap, the largest decentralized exchange (DEX) on KuCoin Community Chain, has announced its newest initial DEX offering (IDO) — Idle Stone Age, a play-to-earn card game on KCC. The IDO is raising funds for its governance token, SAX.

MojitoSwap’s IDO will use KuCoin Token (KCS)-MojitoSwap (MJT) liquidity provider (LP) tokens to raise funds. The IDO will be conducted in two rounds: limited and unlimited sales. The limited sale will have an individual hard cap. Each address can contribute LP Tokens with a maximum value of $3,000, but the final allocation will be distributed according to the weight. There is no individual hard cap set in the unlimited sale. The final amount of SAX received in this round will be determined by the proportion of the total LPs contributed by users. The price of SAX during the IDO is $0.5. Four hundred thousand tokens are available for purchase, and the total fund to be raised is $200,000. 

What is Idle Stone Age? 

Idle Stone Age is a synthetic nonfungible token-concept dual-end game for web and mobile deployed on KCC. It is driven by the community, and the core gameplay is card-turn-based. In Idle StoneAge, players can: 

  • Gain investment and in-game revenue by fighting, leveling, synthesizing, trading and pledging cards in the game 
  • Vote on game development, activities and funding allocation with SAX 
  • And gain multiple benefits through contributions, such as promoting operations and creating content within the community. 

In addition, Idle Stone Age has obtained strategic investment from KuCoin Ventures, which means that it will have great development potential on KCC. 

Idle Stone Age is the second IDO project of MojitoSwap. Previously, the platform successfully finished the IDO for CoolMining, which achieved nearly $1 million in sales within a few hours. By introducing new IDO projects continuously, MojitoSwap has become the most important launchpad platform in the KCC ecosystem.  

The MojitoSwap launchpad is a decentralized fundraising platform that brings market attention to project owners. It helps increase project awareness and brings projects to a broader scale of users. MojitoSwap aims to attract more high-quality projects to the KCC ecosystem through its premium connection and uncover more fortune growth opportunities for users. 

Gloria, chief media officer of MojitoSwap, said, “As we mentioned when the KCS white paper was released, MojitoSwap will take the 1-million ecosystem support plan as the core and continue to help KCC expand its influence. We have accumulated a successful IDO experience with CoolMining on our launchpad. We hope that more high-quality projects can cooperate with us to achieve similar achievements. Idle Stone Age has chosen MojitoSwap to do its IDO, which will open up a new chapter for MojitoSwap and KCC.” 

MojitoSwap has become the largest comprehensive DEX on KCC. More and more projects choosing MojitoSwap to carry out IDOs will also bring infinite development possibilities for MojitoSwap.

For more IDO details, visit MojitoSwap.Finance.