Singapore, May 13, 2022 — MojitoSwap, the first and best decentralized exchange deployed on KuCoin Community Chain (KCC), is now partnering with Nabox Wallet to explore collaboration opportunities regarding media alliance, marketing events, technical integrations and more potential “synergism.”

Nabox is a multichain wallet that already supports 24 blockchains, including KCC. MojitoSwap is considered to be the most successful automated market maker protocol backed by KCC. 

On April 17, Nabox announced the MojitoSwap decentralized application’s (DApp’s) listing and a joint marketing campaign with CoolMining, a GameFi project on the KCC ecosystem, until May 14. 

Nabox and MojitoSwap also aim to boost media impressions and grow a larger user base by sharing more impactful marketing strategies.

MojitoSwap and Nabox will begin integrating at the end of May, and MojitoSwap will have Nabox added to its support wallet lists. 

SwapBox, a product of Nabox, is a cross-chain aggregator that allows liquidity to be transferred on multichains; its integration with MojitoSwap is being finalized. MojitoSwap users will be able to swap assets, including stablecoins from the KCC network to other 11 supported networks, without leaving the MojitoSwap DApp.

The chief media officer of MojitoSwap said, “The crypto wallet is one of the most important infrastructures in Web3 that provides users with access to the new world, so we see it as a significant step forward to collaborating with Nabox in having more users onboard and giving them the opportunity to earn more with MojitoSwap. We’ll continue to build relationships with more crypto wallets to [allow more widespread adoption for the] MojitoSwap service.” 

Chef Boxer, founder of Nabox Wallet, said, “We both gained great benefits out of this opportunity. Nabox has most of its users active on BNB Chain and Ethereum, while MojitoSwap can be a doorway that brings us to the KCC ecosystem. MojitoSwap users will benefit from the SwapBox integration as well. As a cross-chain wallet, we will strive to create a seamless multichain experience for MojitoSwap users and every user in the KCC ecosystem.”

About MojitoSwap

MojitoSwap is currently the top decentralized exchange running on KCC and is committed to providing users a premium KRC20-protocol token and nonfungible token (NFT) trading experience. The platform allows users to earn more from its launchpad and liquidity-mining features. 

About Nabox

Nabox is a cross-chain decentralized identifier application built for Web3. With Nabox, one can manage assets on different blockchains, whether decentralized finance, GameFi, NFTs or other use cases. Nabox is the gateway to the multichain world.