MonstaVerse team is pleased to introduce its 25 rare NFTs. MonstaVerse, with its MetaVerse token, the MONSTR, is one of the increasing projects of utility in the metaverses.

MonstaVerse was launched on December 19, 2021, and has clocked an ATH of $31.2 million. Touted as a Cryptoverse with its own Cryptosphere, MonstaVerse offers a range of self-sustaining utility which includes:

  • An NFTMarketplace;
  • A regular token burn mechanism;
  • MonstaSwap - a decentralized swapping platform offered as a part of the metaverse;
  • MonstaHodl - a multi-chain portfolio tracker;
  • A cross-chain pre-sale platform, known as MonstaSale;
  • And an entire ecosystem consisting of various assets.

Rare NFTs

Recently, MonstaVerse launched their 25 super rare NFTs, which, according to a team member, “shall have maximum utility when the metaverse will be fully live.” These 25 rare NFTs were a part of MonstaVerse’s Christmas NFT drop, the MonstaSanta, he added. Soon they will also be dropping their 6666 additional NFTs on their marketplace.

With 14,600,000,000,000 MONSTR tokens already burned, MonstaVerse team is working towards its deflationary strategy. Furthermore, three wallets holding a total of 75% of monsta tokens out of the 666 T supply locked by the owners of this contract.

The first wallet can be found here:

The second one, here:

And the third one, here:

The team has also recently announced a CEX listing on the BKEX exchange, which shall happen on Jan. 5, 2021.



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