A little more than a year ago, few play-to-earn (P2E) games were available on the market. Today, there are hundreds. In this sense, what makes Monstropoly different from the rest? It’s a good question that will be answered below. 

How does Monstropoly work?

There is an OG pass available for early users in the Monstropoly Discord with several airdrops, nonfungible token (NFT) give-aways and daily events to unlock additional token rewards. Monstropoly is an exciting mobile esports game taking the P2E model to the next level with novel mechanics allowing Monster Provokers — NFT holders — to earn juicy rewards through various activities. However, before discussing these rewards and how to earn them, it is essential to review the mechanics that Monstropoly uses to ensure a stable and healthy economy.

  • Energy system — Each player, or master, will have a limited amount of energy that will be consumed with each battle in the player-versus-player (PvP) and player-versus-environment (PvE) modes. This energy will regenerate automatically with a base regeneration-per-hour rate until it reaches its maximum again, limiting the amount of the native MPGLD token that can be earned daily. However, there are two ways to speed up energy regeneration: by holding NFTs and continuing to win PvE and PvP battles without energy. For more information regarding the energy system, read the white paper.
  • Shine — Each Monstropolian has a limited amount of MPGLD it can generate, which is determined by its Shine. Similar to the energy system, each Monstropolian needs to rest to recover its Shine. The number of hours needed to replenish Shine will depend on the NFT’s rarity. For more details, visit here.
  • Rarity — Monstropolians live in a rarity-based society that gives their owners unique benefits, such as better hidden talents, faster breeding recovery periods, higher base Shine, better Monster Provoker energy regeneration and faster aging. Learn more about rarity here.
  • Age — Another mechanism that guarantees a balanced economy is the age of the Monstropolians. A certain age is required to begin fighting after birth, as well as a specific age before Monstropolians can be used for breeding. More information on aging is here.
  • Breeding — To guarantee the scarcity of NFTs, there are limitations on the number of breeding uses depending on the generation the Monstropolian belongs to. As a result, Genesis Monstropolians have a greater number of uses than Generation Zero, One and Two, which have zero breeding uses. For more information, read here.
  • NFT supply — In addition to the breeding limits, Monstropolians are an NFT collection with a controlled supply. This further strengthens the value of each NFT over time. To know more about the NFT supply, click here.

How to earn in the game?

In addition to providing a unique gaming experience, Monstropoly offers multiple ways to reward the time and effort players put in. Specifically, players can benefit from different mechanisms explained here.

In-game rewards

Monstropoly has a complete in-game rewards system offering multiple modes:

  • PvP and PvE modes — Given its highly competitive nature, Monstropoly encourages PvP and PvE battles with rewards in MPGLD. These game modes are linked to the energy system, rarity and Shine of the Monstropians explained above. 
  • Season pass — There will be a three-month season pass where players can rank up depending on their PvP- and PvE-mode performance, as well as their activity in daily quests. Depending on their rank, players will have access to rewards in MPGLD and native token MPOLY at the end of the season, as well as other extra benefits such as higher withdrawal limits and BigBoredBoss tickets.
  • Daily quests — In addition to PvP and PvE battles, there will be daily quests that will allow players to earn an additional MPGLD. Some examples of these activities are killing a certain number of players per day in PvP mode, completing a minimum number of PvP matches, winning PvP matches, completing PvE maps and using specific items by opening three quests.
  • Ranking leaderboards — Depending on the PvP kill score and the number of waves survived in PvE mode, players will be grouped into ranks. Among the top-ranked players, weekly rewards in MPOLY tokens and NFT chests will be distributed as well as monthly rewards in MPGLD tokens.
  • Co-op mode — Remember that one of the Season Pass benefits is BigBoredBoss tickets? These tickets allow a brave group of 15 players to undertake the dangerous task of defeating the dreaded BigBoredBoss in the Bored Monster Raid once per season. However, beware: If a player dies during the battle, they will lose their NFT. Fortunately, this risk is offset by the generous reward pool in MPGLD and MPOLY that is fed during the season with a percentage of the marketplace fees.


Thanks to the Monstropoly decentralized app (DApp), Masters have access to a full-featured NFT peer-to-peer marketplace where they can buy and sell their Monstropolians using MPOLY. This opens the door to earning extra rewards through breeding. To learn more about the DApp, click here.

Yield farming

Another advantage of the Mostropoly DApp is the possibility to provide liquidity to the ecosystem and earn MPOLY in return. To learn more about the estimated annual percentage rate for liquidity providers, click here.


An excellent alternative to obtain more value from MPOLY generated in yield farming and breeding is staking. This feature will allow Monster Provokers to stake MPOLY and get Generation-Zero NFTs as a reward. More information regarding the periods and amount of MPOLY required to obtain different NFT rarities is in the white paper.

NFT holding

Monster Provokers will have the possibility of holding their NFTs to regenerate their energy faster. This, in turn, will have a direct impact on the amount of PvE and PvP battles they can participate in and the amount of MPGLD they can get per day. More information about NFT holding is here.

Monstropolian lending

Last but not least, Monster Provokers can earn passive income by lending their NFTs to other players to either play with them or breed them. For more information, read here.

Monstropoly OG and VIP pass

There are exciting mechanisms for earning game rewards. The pre-alpha version has already been launched, so players can start early in the Monstroverse and earn rewards and incentives before the official launch.

What does an OG pass offer?

In addition to providing early access to the Monstroverse, the OG pass offers incredible benefits such as:

  • Weekly Twitch events where $500 in MPOLY airdrop is given away to the best players.
  • Three spots in the NFT whitelist with a 20% discount as a weekly event. 
  • A unique role on Discord as a weekly event. 
  • Players’ Discord names and NFTs will appear on the credits page as a weekly event.
  • A 20% chance to get free goodies from external partnerships, including airdrops, NFTs, whitelist spots and more.
  • A $50 airdrop to players’ wallets with every version update after the MPOLY initial decentralized exchange offering.
  • An airdrop of one Generation-Three NFT to players’ wallets after NFT presales.
  • Early access to the game.
  • The opportunity to apply for the VIP pass.

How does one receive an OG pass?

Getting an OG pass is easy and best of all, it’s completely free.

  1. Have an Android phone ready. 
  2. Invite three friends to the Discord server
  3. Apply here

Every week, five OG passes are given away among the participants. Good luck.