Vancouver, Canada Feb. 15, 2022 — MoonLabs Studios, a decentralized indie game studio created by game industry veterans, is releasing the open beta for its first game, Devikins.

Devikins is a game with an ever-expanding world and a player-first mentality. Each playable character in Devikins is a nonfungible token (NFT), which means that each player is the sole owner of a wholly unique playable character in both the Devikins universe and the real world. Players can additionally keep their collection of characters fresh and aim for the strongest, most competitive character possible via the breeding system.

In the game, players collect playable characters known as Devikin: spooky-but-cute creatures with wild personalities. Devikin are born as babies and can undergo training to unlock their maximum potential upon reaching adulthood. 

Devikins utilizes turn-based combat gameplay that will be released in the game’s second phase. The mechanics will play off Japanese role-playing game mechanics with special twists to fit the game’s theme and allow deep, strategic team building.

Players have a myriad of gameplay opportunities in Devikins. The game has two distinct, yet equally challenging mechanics. While characters are babies, training gameplay is similar to a Tamagotchi with players having to fulfill their baby’s needs in a timely manner, nurturing them into adulthood.

Adult Devikin will be out adventuring, taking on perilous tasks and journeying deep into the Void where the game takes place. They will engage in epic battles against otherworldly monsters and other enemies that threaten the Void’s stability.

For the player-versus-player enthusiast, there will be plenty to be happy about in future patches. As soon as a Devikin reaches adulthood, they will be able to battle other players in the game to see who has the strongest team.

Devikins also boasts its own unique musical score, conveying the spooky yet delightful tone of the game’s art in every song, sound effect and clip. During phase two of the game’s release it will not only kick off combat, but story as well, allowing players to burrow deep into the Void’s lore and learn more about the world. They will meet new characters and grapple with the various problems facing the citizens of the Devikins world. 

All of this is fueled by the game’s utility token, DVK. 

Sergio Nunes, lead software engineer said, “We understand that crypto interaction is not always newcomer-friendly. Bearing this in mind, Devikins puts fun, usability and gameplay first by leveraging the crypto wallet interaction to a lower layer and providing a simple custodian solution.”

So, not only is Devikins free to play, but players can earn real money collecting and selling exclusive NFTs or by attaining DVK through Klever Exchange — MoonLabs’ partner and an exchange offering a simple and intuitive interface where anyone can trade their NFTs and DVK.

Devikins is now available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

For full details on new features and events, interested players are invited to check out the Devikins website, join the official Facebook community, or hop in the Discord and join the discussion surrounding this upcoming title.