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ProBit Global gives users the opportunity to hone their crypto trading skills

ProBit Global, a top 20 cryptocurrency exchange, is pleased to announce that it will give aspiring crypto traders multiple opportunities to win with the crypto exchange’s ongoing trading competitions.

Each trading competition featured on the ProBit Global exchange offers lucrative crypto-based rewards for traders, ranked by total trading volume, which is then converted into Tether (USDT).

Trading competitions are a great way to win crypto rewards and offer crypto traders an opportunity to test their trading strategies and improve their skills. By competing against other traders, they can gain valuable insights into what does and does not work, using this knowledge to improve their future trades.

The competitive nature of crypto trading competitions can also motivate traders to trade. By setting goals and striving to outperform other traders, ProBit Global sees trading competitions as a key way to keep users engaged while attracting new would-be traders to the platform.

The trading competitions on ProBit Global’s platform allow traders the opportunity to network with other users and learn from their experiences. This can be particularly valuable for newer traders who are looking to connect with more experienced traders and gain insights into the market. 

Crypto traders can make use of existing ProBit Global Academy resources to level up their trading success, with a wide range of informational materials available to assist traders of all skill levels. From beginner-focused articles to more complex trading explainers, ProBit Global Academy is a space where users can learn all about the crypto landscape and gain crypto trading insights.

Another amazing feature to help traders in their quest for first place is ProBit Global’s seamless integration with trading bots. By offering easy API integration with proprietary and open-source trading software, ProBit Global allows users to supercharge their trading strategies. The crypto exchange offers support for the following four trading bots, each with its own unique advantages:

  • Hummingbot: Algorithmic market-making across the 1,000+ markets on ProBit Global
  • DeltaBadger: Automated dollar-cost averaging
  • Margin Algotrading: Automated trading strategies
  • BitUniverse: Automated grid trading

Win by trading PROB on ProBit Global

The latest trading competition features the exchange’s native ProBit token (PROB); and is set to take place from Feb. 20, 2023, at 6:00 am UTC to March 6, 2023, at 6:00 am UTC.

Traders can make use of the following trading pairs: PROB/BTC, PROB/ETH and PROB/USDT. A total of 2,000 USDT will be distributed to the top 20 volume traders. The winners will be determined by their trading volume during the competition period. The more a user trades, the higher their chances of winning a prize.

The trading competition is open to all verified users of ProBit Global who have completed Know Your Customer step two. A minimum of 100 PROB must be staked in order to be eligible for this event, and staked PROB can’t be decreased during the competition duration.

With all the tools to make crypto trading a success, ProBit Global sees trading competitions as an engaging and potentially rewarding experience for traders who are looking to improve their skills, stay engaged in the market and win valuable crypto rewards.

About ProBit Global

Founded in 2018, ProBit Global is a top 20 cryptocurrency platform with access to over 800 cryptocurrencies and over 1,000 different markets. ProBit Global aims to position itself as a world-class exchange for crypto enthusiasts and novice investors, boasting more than 2 million active users globally.

With a powerful crypto trading interface, easy integration for automated crypto trading bots, fiat on-ramp support for 45 currencies and a multilingual website in 46 languages, ProBit Global has all the features to make your cryptocurrency trading experience easy.

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