Embry Tech’s Motearn offers a unique gamified experience to incentivize wellness. The private beta launches today, July 18. 

Los Angeles, July 18, 2022 — Motearn, a next-generation, move-to-earn (M2E) nonfungible token (NFT) ecosystem where users can conduct physical activities of all kinds with Connected Tangible NFTs (ctNFTs) shoes to earn tokens, has announced its private beta launch and ctNFT shoe drop for today, July 18, 2022.

Motearn is not just another M2E application; it introduces a wellness ecosystem that is based on user privacy, reliability and connectivity. In addition, Motearn has created a new category of NFTs in its ecosystem called ctNFTs. Owners can connect any smart wearable to their favorite ctNFT and unlock more utility power and earning capability in the ecosystem.

Everyone can be part of a new wellness experience where connected movement in digital and physical spaces incentivizes wellbeing in real life.

Separately, users earn crypto rewards only by maintaining a physically active lifestyle — as opposed to purchasing rewards. Reliability of data and activity-based earnings are core tenets of the ecosystem. To create a long-term sustainable economy that fairly rewards everyone, Motearn rewards users based on the reliability of the activity tracking device, which is based on proof-of-walk technology from Embry Tech’s research and design team. 

Lastly, user privacy is becoming more critical than ever. For that purpose, Motearn uses non-GPS technology for tracking physical activity.

“We are excited to launch our private beta,” says co-founder and CEO Sargis Karapetyan. “This is an opportunity to empower people to lead healthier, happier and self-confident lives. Motearn is meant to deliver on that promise in the wellness space, even in the beta phase, as we prioritize earnings rooted in actually moving, with more reliable data from connected devices, all while protecting the privacy of our users’ data.”

Starting today, July 18, the private beta is live on the BNB Smart Chain. Motearn shoe ctNFT holders will get exclusive access to the Motearn mobile application. In the coming months, Motearn will open the application publicly for iOS and Android users with wallet and shoe-minting functionalities. 

About Motearn

Motearn is the next-generation M2E wellness ecosystem that rewards movement using Connected Tangible NFTs without GPS tracking. Motearn is on a mission to turn wellness control into a stress-free and fun experience, marrying Web3 with wearable tech.

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