CityX is a groundbreaking NFT project founded by Asya Nikolaeva and inspired by Tatyana Tumasyan, her mother, an esteemed expert in visual and fine arts. This spring, CityX is bringing three rabbits from Kharkiv to NYC to showcase the best of Ukrainian avant-garde art at NFT NYC.


Blue Rabbit by Sergey Bratkov teases society and mass media, Red Rabbit by Elena Lesnychaya challenges the very foundation of the American dream, and Yellow Rabbit by Oleg Mitasov reveals something mesmerizing and invites you to solve the riddle of his authors. These captivating rabbits demonstrate how new technologies can merge with tangible art to create exciting new forms of creative expression. All the art pieces, digitized by Ukrainian 2D artist Bogdan Kiyas and based on a real physical collection of Kharkiv Municipal Gallery, are available for viewing and bidding on an Opensea auction.

At NFT NYC 2023, Asya will be participating in the panel “Bridge between the tangible and intangible with NFTs” on April 14 at 12:40 pm ET on the art stage, where she will share her vision on the future of art and technology with other passionate speakers.


The enchanting rabbit’s artful odyssey will continue at Wonder Fair 6.0. At 4:40 pm on April 14, the CityX team will lead a stimulating panel discussion, “Empowering women in art and technology: Leveraging NFTs to preserve Ukrainian heritage amidst conflict.” Together with Tatyana Tumasyan, Asya will talk about how technology can help preserve cultural heritage and fragile art while empowering artists, curators and collectors.

CityX is leading the way in the world of NFTs, creating a new paradigm for the future of art with the help of technology. This is an exciting opportunity to experience the best of Ukrainian avant-garde art at NFT NYC and Wonder Fair 6.0. CityX’s social media channels will provide updates and announcements.