The global financial market has been volatile in 2021 and suffered serious turmoil. As the saying goes, crises are often accompanied by opportunities. In this turbulent environment, financial technology companies constantly continue to explore and innovative ideas ceaselessly emerge, with many economic models emerging in large numbers. The concepts of the metaverse, as well as games and decentralized finance (GameFi), empower each other, and such a trend is increasingly popular. Among these projects, the Modernizing Park Chain (MPC) project especially attracts attention. With its industry-leading technology level, MPC successfully integrates the above concepts, constructs a complete ecological closed-loop, and makes it a metaverse infrastructure that uses nonfungible tokens, augmented reality, virtual reality, the Internet of Things, and other components.

MPC leads GameFi trend

History tells us that the development of finance is bound to be diversified and civilian. With the constant improvement of the underlying protocol, more application programs will be developed. The combination of game and DeFi is an inevitable trend, which is the gamification of financial mechanisms. Based on this, Andre Cronje, the founder of DeFi platform who put forward the concept of “GameFi,” believed that GameFi will be the popular engine of the Web 3.0 domain.

Why is GameFi so popular? In short, GameFi can not only tailor different rules to suit different types of players but also offer plenty of attractive games and corresponding value, which can assist players to create value while playing games. The first business application on the MPC platform Modernizing Park is the practitioner of the GameFi concept.


Modernizing Park is a type of sandbox game that is based on the metaverse concept with collection, building, development, management and other playing methods. In Modernizing Park, just like the real world, the players can establish assets and collect NFT land so as to obtain a license to erect a building on the land. According to the different types of land, the players can put a price on them so as to achieve game mining and game world construction. In the near future, the players can enter a variety of game scenes to interact with wearable AR or VR devices, and are expected to have a more immersive experience.

MPC: The promised land of the metaverse

Generally, offering the players the idea that all game content is free may ruin the game experience. In order to address this sore spot, MPC starts with the metaverse, which means starting from experience, breaking the boundary between the virtual and the real world, fully giving the player freedom, and rebuilding the whole parallel world and its corresponding digital form.


Under the concepts of the metaverse and GameFi which are destructive and imaginative, MPC will form a new financial ecological environment in comparison to traditional entertainment games and create infinite possibilities. Based on this, according to CEO Elon Simons, MPC has attracted a lot of attention for the capital. The project is currently in discussions with a number of venture capital institutions to raise funds which include Blockchain Capital, Pantera Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square Ventures and others. It is worth pointing out that the traditional investment platform Bitkraft Ventures has shown strong interest in the MPC project. The feedback to MPC is strong in the investment market, which has fully verified the potential of the project and further enhanced the confidence of the project parties.


With the arrival of the metaverse age, Elon Simons has faith in the future of MPC and believes that the combination of game and finance is the future direction. With its leading ideas, MPC has the ability to successfully seize opportunities for future growth.