The nonfungible token chain game track is undoubtedly the biggest tidal wave in the encryption world in 2021 after decentralized finance. Whether it be Axie Infinity sweeping the Southeast Asian countryside, CryptoBlades — also known as the “low-profile honor of kings,” or NBA Top Shot backed by super intellectual property, they have all become phenomenal benchmarks in the video game industry.

With this tidal wave, projects have sprung up like bamboo shoots after rain, but there are very few well-made ones. However, a venture capitalist’s sense is undoubtedly the most acute. They often surpass their peers in identifying high-quality projects, completing the investment layout before thousands of users are aware of the opportunity. Recently, the NFT game platform MPC has been frequently mentioned by venture capitalists and influencers. While attracting large traffic flow, its game mechanism and ecological roadmap have gradually gained popularity from the public, which is the reason why they are optimistic about it.

It is understood that the game Terra Nulla launched by MPC is a sandbox game situated in the metaverse space, integrating various gameplay methods such as collections, constructions, cultivation, management, mystery boxes and battles. Unlike previous chain games, Terra Nulla’s game mechanism development has multiple highlights and the concept of “earning while playing” is integrated into every detail, which truly embodies the core essence of GameFi (games and decentralized finance).

Specifically, players can participate in the game by buying mystery boxes and unlocking characters. The way to complete an upgrade in the game is to have the value of NFT assets continuously increase by matching different characters, lands and props. In this process, the game has many exciting and challenging parts. Its playability even exceeds the current mainstream online single-player games with obvious puzzle characteristics to satisfy players’ adventurous demands.

The mystery boxes fall into land mystery boxes, worker mystery boxes and boss mystery boxes, while the NFT land types are divided into four levels, ranging from barren to rich. The higher the level of the land, the higher the working income and stamina consumption. Each type of land has its upper-limit output. At the same time, the attributes of the boss and workers will also affect work income and are divided into five types, matching with four types of props to earn extra income.

In summary, the game mechanism, whether it be the page or mechanism design, greatly restores the workplace environment of today’s society, allowing users to derive upgraded pleasure from the virtual world that is difficult to experience in the real world. Its various parts highlight the characteristics of instant gratification. Players can get tokens as a reward after a simple promotion, which can continue to give players a sense of accomplishment and profitability. This game is unique in the current NFT chain game track and meets venture capitalists’ expectations and standards for high-quality NFT projects.

Based on this analysis, this game has attracted the support and endorsement of venture capitalists by virtue of its three core advantages:

  1. Playability guarantees large traffic flow while the core of the game is meant to be fun. Tedious games are destined to be eliminated, like CryptoKitties. Terra Nulla’s rich and diverse gameplay has surpassed most of the chain games, which is also the basis and guarantee of its popularity.
  2. The feature of “earning while playing” ensures the sustainability of projects. Projects only relying on game mechanisms and gameplay have difficulty retaining users forever, which is the reason why there are few ever-popular game projects in the world. With the perfect combination of playability and profitability, this game can continuously attract the participation of users from all over the world and extend the life cycle of the game indefinitely.
  3. Looking beyond single game applications, the huge underlying platform of MPC also strengthens Terra Nulla. The platform is a cutting-edge NFT chain game facility and constitutes a systematic application ecology. With the support of the MPC ecosystem, all game applications including Terra Nulla can receive massive traffic flow, funds, technology and brand support, leading ahead of vast chain game applications from the outset.

In review, Terra Nulla’s three core advantages are in line with venture capitalists’ preferences when screening projects. Large-scale users and self-evident traffic flow constitute the fundamental commercial value that allows its launch in the market. The projects of the game are sustainable and conform to the logic of value investing to ensure lasting benefits. Also, the game’s underlying ecology of the NFT chain game provides strong support and has a firm moat, which makes it irreplaceable.

Besides, MPC has carried the genes of the metaverse since its inception. All of the game applications on the platform were born for the metaverse. After winning the first battle in the venture capital circle, the absolute future winner, Terra Nulla, would continue to show more investment value and create wealth for both investors and players.