A decentralized multi-chain launchpad, CoreStarter has officially announced its public launch dates. For months now, CoreStarter has been gearing up for its IDO, grasping the attention of multiple investors and community supporters. With the disclosure of its upcoming initial DEX offering, there’s immense excitement across the cryptoverse.

The official announcement states that CoreStarter will be steering its wheels towards the public launch with a dual-IDO on Trustpad and its native launchpad. Both public DEX offerings will take place on Nov. 15 as the team actively engages with the community on the broader marketing initiatives. Currently, users can participate in the whitelisting processes to earn a spot for the IDO.

The excitement continues with the upcoming CEX listings

Corestarter has also confirmed its listing on reputable exchange platforms Gate.io and Raydium on Nov. 18. This schedule of the listing will be followed once the initial DEX offering successfully takes place on TrustPad and CoreStarter. The multi-chain protocol revealed that its upcoming IDOs will launch the platform's governance token CSTR in a bid to bolster its product suite and add exciting product features.

Funded by SL2 Capital and Insignius Capital, the project successfully concluded its fundraising rounds of $1.32 million with overwhelming strategic investor support. It also received an incredible response from industry heavy-hitters and seasoned players such as BTW Foundation, Oracles Investment Group, DCI Capital, Infinity Gainz, NGC Ventures, Matrix Ventures, Down Under Capital, Halvings Capital, Infinity Capital, Limbo and Extra Watts. With Corestarter's unique value proposition, it is all set to disrupt the way decentralized fundraising works.

With its IDO, the protocol will not just have immediate access to the funds but will facilitate fair, open and fast trading. Typically, it is observed in most fundraising models that as soon as the token sale goes live, most private investors tend to purchase a large number of tokens for a lesser price with the intent of reselling them for further gain. The IDO fundraising approach creates an open and fair fundraising opportunity for all, and not just for private individuals.

Built on Solana, CoreStarter is a multi-chain fundraising platform with a high staging yield mechanism providing all investors with a fair opportunity to participate in projects with the central aspects of community governance. Its unique product functionalities are revamping the way decentralized launchpads work. With cross-chain interoperability features, Corestarter’s mission is to impart immense value to projects across various ecosystems such as Solana, Polygon, Cardano, Polkadot, Ethereum and many more.

Facilitating the launch of CoreStarter's CSTR token, investors can seamlessly participate in staking programs, governance, upcoming IDO’s and the larger product suite including nonfungible token (NFT) marketplaces. With a lack of centralization, the projects will enjoy full autonomy to organize token issuances with third-party interventions.

About CoreStarter

CrossStarter is a cross-chain fundraising decentralized launchpad with high APY staking on Solana, Polkadot, Ethereum, and Cardano to create a fair and safe reward. With its decentralized infrastructure, token holders verify every DeFi project before providing liquidity to the project. CoreStarter is the first decentralized launchpad that provides true interoperability and equal learning opportunities.

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