A decentralized fundraising platform for decentralized finance (DeFi) projects, AEGIS Launchpad, has recently unveiled its plan to launch its initial DEX offering (IDO) in October. The platform’s public sale has been projected for October 12, 2021, at 4:00 pm, with the intent to raise money to boost its operations and features. This sale will be held after AEGIS's initial private round that raised $200k.

IDO will raise more cash for the smooth developments of the platform

Initial DEX offerings are becoming a common fundraising model in the crypto space despite being relatively new. IDO’s displace other models like initial coin offerings (ICOs) and security token offerings (STOs). 

IDOs are excellent for startups like AEGIS because they allow them access to funds immediately, unlike the ICOs and STOs. In addition, the risks of theft, lack of privacy, or having to deal with centralized authorities are zero. IDOs will pave the way to raise enough funds to facilitate the running of the platform. The launchpad, through its upcoming IDO, will encourage small projects to grow.

AEGIS Launchpad aims to mitigate the issues DeFi project owners face

Launchpads reduce regulatory barriers and costs associated with launching projects. However, many of them still don't solve the issues prevalent in the space. The risk of losing your funds or being scammed is present. In other words, there are few platforms that you can trust, which makes DeFi project launchings difficult.

AEGIS Launchpad aims to revolutionize the decentralized space by helping potential investors discover these projects. It hopes to break the traditional tiered allocation system where only holders with a certain quantity of tokens can participate in an IDO. The fundraising platform is the first to feature an innovative cross-chain functionality and insurance system to help investors secure their funds, should any negative circumstances arise. It allows project owners to enlist their projects and conduct IDOs across several blockchains. AEGIS has a thorough vetting protocol that eliminates scams. DeFi projects can raise enough capital on the platform without the risk of losing funds.

According to AEGIS, project owners can diversify their fundraising methods to reach the wider community for more investor funding. Apart from that, the company allows investors to swap, stake in the asset of their choice, and comfortably claim rewards with zero costs while utilizing swap tools. Investors can manage their funds across Ethereum, Polygon and BNB without trading regulations.

The Pad

As part of the team's effort to make the fundraising company exceptional and all-inclusive, Aegis has a feature known as “The Pad.” The Pad is a play-to-earn game that allows users to earn extra tokens for free. You can claim your rewards after completing the game. AEGIS is aligned in terms of its Q3 2021 roadmap for its upcoming token sale and public launch.

About AEGIS: 

AEGIS prides itself as the first launchpad to combine cross-chain functionality, an insurance system that spans across BSC, HECO Chain, Polygon and Ethereum. Its functionality allows fundraising from across several blockchains while it protects investors’ funds from getting stolen or lost, regardless of the circumstances.

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