Multiplier platform will officially launch the minting of MXX tokens on its platform on the 29th of july, 2020.

27th July, 2020, Switzerland – MXX tokens are designed to balance liquidity for depositors and lenders through algorithmic derived interest rates and yield. These are based on the collateralisation and loans conducted on the Multiplier cryptocurrency platform. The minting of MXX tokens will start from 0 tokens, with a total supply of 9 billion, which can be accumulated through minting only.

Essentially, liquidity mining is when a yield farmer mints new tokens in exchange for their liquidity on the platform. This creates a positive loop; whereby users are incentivised with minted tokens to conduct transactions on the platform, which in turn increases the value of the same token, and attracts more users to join.

MXX Token and Community Governance

A maximum of 18 million MXX tokens are issued daily, shared among users in proportion of their contribution to the platform through lending, borrowing and making referrals. The currently accepted currencies on the Multiplier platform are BTC, USDT and USDC. MXX tokens are also currently listed on the trading platform

MXX tokens will gradually allow the protocol to transit towards being entirely governed by the community. The number of votes is proportional to their amount of MXX tokens and can be used to make decisions on the protocol. The move towards a decentralised governance process will protect investor interests, reduce systemic risk and increase long term utility of the Multiplier protocol.

The simple-to-use Multiplier platform aims to attract holders looking to optimise their idle cryptocurrency assets, as well as attract experienced yield farmers looking for more ways to maximise their harvests.

About Multiplier

Multiplier crypto lender began in 2019 with regulated financial licenses obtained (SRO Switzerland VQF 10075 and Hong Kong Money Lenders License 1702/2019), and formed strong collaborations with reputable industry leaders such as Coinbase Custody and JUMIO KYC/AML. 

Multiplier believes in operating within the legal framework of jurisdictions, and having the relevant licenses to adhere to regulations. 

The company continues to establish strong relationships, between regulatory authorities, communities and leading institutions around the globe, merging the scale and familiarity of traditional finance, into a secured, advanced and simplified global financial blockchain system.

Multiplier has been developing DeFi protocols with user feedback from its centralised crypto lending entity since 2019, and launches MXX governance tokens which give the community voting rights that will gradually allow the protocol to be entirely governed by the community and stakeholders. 

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