The NFT space is constantly evolving, with a lot of focus remaining steady on the utility of these NFTs. With Metaverse integrations picking up pace, the first massive adoption went straight to the gaming industry. Larger players entering the space with unique play to earn and NFT avatar models can only lead to a much larger boost to the ecosystem. 

Muskmelon seems to be the latest entrant in this race for the most promising NFT gaming platform in the industry. Bringing some really creative ideas to life with the funniest, most adventurous, community-driven platform of NFTs combined with gaming and 10,000 unique 3D NFTs coming to our marketplace that will be tradeable as a part of their gaming ecosystem.

Their phased launch declares an NFT Marketplace dedicated to their in-game NFTs to go live in May 2022 and the most eagerly awaited games, RunMelonRun, will be the first of the games to be launched on the platform that will host the Melon NFTs and merge the utility of the Melon Tokens. The game will be launched in Q3 2022 on iOS and Android stores. Not too late after that, Manifesto: Beyond Mars will be an immersive interplanetary game in which users can create worlds using melons, other NFTs, and, most importantly, their imaginations. The game is scheduled to finish development in Q4 and will be launched at the end of 2022. 

The platform prides itself on being a community-driven initiative to re-ignite the spark that brought the Blockchain-Cryptocurrency industry to life. MuskMelon seems to be an ecosystem that wants to enchant the global audience with the possibilities of NFTs and immersive gaming. Melons have a maximum supply of 10 billion tokens and are launched on the BEP20 and ERC20 networks. With an almost fair sale, the MM community wants to ensure maximum public participation. 

Melons will be available for public sale on the XT Exchange and Bitmart for the first time in centuries across galaxies starting on the 15th of April. So sign up and be ready to take a global step towards Mars! Get Melons!