The Spike Mutant Protein team is pleased to announce the release of the Spike the Mutant Protein, a nonfungible token (NFT) on one of the most credible blockchain networks: the Ethereum ERC-721 blockchain network.

The NFTs are sinister and rare artwork inspired by the coronavirus that took the world to its foundation recently. On the mint day, only a limited number of Spike proteins will be made available.


The first NFT batch

The first batch of the NFT is due for release to the general public on November 9, 2021, and the official mint price for the token is set at 0.07 Ether (ETH). Cryptocurrency investors can start investing in the NFT as soon as the public sale is sanctioned.

Investors in volume one of these NFTs will the given the most contagious Spike Proteins, whose random multiplication is dependent on its rarity.

Whether you are a collector of this unique and rare NFT or just passionate about it, you can save the world by minting the first volume of the Mutant NFTs on the website.

The second volume of NFTs

After the first volume has been completely sold, the second volume of the rare NFTs will be airdropped to collectors or investors in volume one as a way of rewarding their patronage. Then, the remaining NFTs will be made available to the public for purchase.

While explaining the rationale behind the creation of the Spike the Mutant Protein NFTs, the team said that they were inspired by “a fusion of apocalyptic scenarios and the coronavirus pandemic that changed the civilized world.”

Further to explained that the collection will remind everyone who witnessed the outbreak of the deadly virus and the future generations that nothing is permanent, things can change without warning and is an indication that pathogens remain one of the “greatest threats to human civilization.”

The sights on the future

The project’s roadmap indicates that five different seasons, or volumes, of the NFT are slated for release. Holders will get airdrops from each season as soon as it is released.

A team of long-term cryptocurrency enthusiasts and a published microbiologist created the Spike the Mutant Protein NFT. The collection is stored on the ERC-721 blockchain as a deflationary asset.

Prospective investors in the Spike the Mutant Protein NFTs and crypto enthusiasts are advised.

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