Starting in 2021, the combined market capitalization of major NFT projects has increased by approximately 17 times, with many NFT art pieces being sold for nearly $70 million. Also, NFT marketplace OpenSea has seen its sales increase by 50–75 times. The spike in sales indicates the strong interest from both the mainstream and blockchain users.

The implementation of nonfungible tokens in collectibles games has a large potential to spice up the genre with unparalleled values. My DeFi Pet is a virtual pet collection game with the implementation of the worldwide trending phenomenon of nonfungible tokens and advanced blockchain technology. The game is developed by TopeBox, a top game developer in Vietnam with many featured games on App Store and Google Play, gaining more than 100 million downloads globally. With a user-centric motto, the TopeBox team aims to make My DeFi Pet another global hit with its first-ever blockchain game powered by KardiaChain’s technology.

Unlike other mobile games of the collectibles genre, My DeFi Pet utilizes blockchain technology to set the bar higher for the gaming experience by incorporating DeFi features for NFT collectibles. In the My DeFi Pet universe, players can collect pets by purchasing eggs, using the in-game currency, buying pets from the auction house and breeding two of them to acquire their offspring. With multiple species and unique characteristics, there are over two million pet varieties and characteristics to discover. Players can then raise and train them to become stronger and prepare them for arena battles. Furthermore, the pets are not just in-game characters but also players’ properties, which can be used in DeFi use cases of staking, swapping, trading, lending/borrowing, collateral, etc. Such use cases are unavailable in traditional games. Additionally, players are encouraged to participate in seasonal events with total prizes of up to $100,000. The “pay to win” scenario will be a thing of the past when players can “win and get paid.”

Another fascinating feature is the “lifestyle-based” integration that takes personalization to the next level. The feature allows the pets to accelerate the growth of certain attributes according to their master’s daily activities. For instance, if the master spends time working out at the gym, this will accelerate the strengthening and increase the endurance of the pets. Moreover, listening to music will boost the pets’ intelligence. Therefore, each pet develops unique characteristics by mixing the in-game breeding process and the personality of its master, truly making it a “one-of-a-kind” gaming experience.

My DeFi Pet has proved itself as a promising project and successfully raised $1 million in the private round of investment from many reputable venture capital firms, including Animoca Brands, a leader in NFT and digital entertainment; Axia 8 Ventures, a venture capital firm best consulting strategic launch and product development; as well as Bixin Ventures, DFG, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Consensus Labs, Spark Digital, M6, Kardia Ventures, and many more. Furthermore, My DeFi Pet has onboarded well-known blockchain advisors, such as Tri Pham, CEO and co-founder of KardiaChain; Jerome Wong, chief business officer and co-founder of Everest Venture Group; and Wayne Lin, founder of Axia 8 Ventures, to lead the project through the initial launch, develop and scale the product to the next level, and bring My DeFi Pet into the spotlight of the blockchain and gaming industries. 

My DeFi Pet combines traditional game architecture and decentralized finance features to bring a unique user experience for both blockchain enthusiasts and traditional mobile gamers. My DeFi Pet will have its initial DEX offering on KickPad at 2 pm UTC on April 27, 2021, and the game will be launched on May 14, 2021, with both DeFi and NFT features. My DeFi Pet’s official launch is on May 14, 2021, including an APK download and web version for PC and mobile. For Android, we will have an APK, or you can use web mobile for iOS.