Natoverse is conducting a fair distribution, eliminating the possibility of whales holding a majority of tokens. No investors can invest more than $10,000 in either seed or pre-seed, in the spirit of even and fair token distribution, meaning more people can have the opportunity to own NATO.

About Natoverse

Natoverse is a world just like the real one, expansive and as big as the real world, in which participants cannot only fight and race but also just relax and have a fun time. Users can go to the cinema, skydive, box or visit a casino or beach. It is all possible, thanks to Natoverse’s expansive multiverse that has seemingly no end to it. Be a part of something bigger than just a game — be part of Natoverse. 

Natoverse is a planet in the metaverse, where you can compete in various gaming challenges to earn treasure boxes, filled with NATO tokens and crypto coins, namely, BTC, ETH, and LTC, among others. It branches out into Natorace and Natocombat.

What are treasure boxes? 

Treasure boxes are boxes filled with NATO tokens, and other boxes are filled with multiple cryptocurrencies — i.e., BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT and BNB. More currencies will be introduced in the boxes for winners to walk away with in both Natorace and Natocombat games. Players win by defeating the security forces guarding treasure boxes in Natocombat or by winning races against other players in Natorace games in Natoverse.

About NATO token

NATO token is the currency used in Natoverse; all fees, fines, rewards and any other payments conducted on Natoverse will be paid in NATO tokens. 

NATO tokenomics

Usage of funds

The funds raised are going to be dedicated to developing Race City, marketing among other  activities, as shown below: 

  • Development: 20%
  • Marketing: 35%
  • Operations: 20%
  • Reserves: 10%
  • Ecosystem: 15%, which entails adding BTC, ETH, USDT and more to treasure boxes

NATO token value system

For the token to grow, there needs to be massive token utility regardless of market trends, and we can only achieve this by ensuring a huge backup by making NATO the native crypto token used in Natoverse. 

Token utility for purchasing cars in Natoverse 

Once Race City is built, every player must purchase a vehicle to participate in Nato races to win treasure boxes stuffed with NATO, BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB and other coins decided by the community and the council. Cars in Natoverse will always be purchased using NATO or USDT. When purchases are made using USDT, the received amount will be converted into NATO.

Car repairs and upgrades

Natoverse understands that some drivers would love cars with more advanced features and performance to prevail over the competition in races. Also, it is irrefutable that accidents in races are inevitable. To this effect, all car repairs and upgrades shall always be paid in NATO tokens. 

Insurance services

It’s very risky for any player to hit the road without insuring their car. To avoid such risks, NATO insurance policies will be put in place as an option for those who want to avoid the risk of losing their cars or directly incurring costs every time they are involved in accidents. 

All cars purchased in Natoverse will be NFTs. Damage to any car means depreciation in the value of that particular NFT. In the event that the car is involved in an accident and damage sustained is beyond 90%, that car will be automatically eliminated from the road. This has the effect of permanently banning the NFT from circulation. It is thus imperative for a player to consider taking out an insurance policy that would cover them in case of such eventualities. 

Fines and penalties

Police will be everywhere along the roads to arrest reckless drivers. Knocking down a pedestrian will be an automatic call from the police. If the player manages to get away by escaping into their home, they will survive the fine. However, if police arrest the player and impound the car, the player will have to pay the fine imposed on them in 100% NATO before the car can be released. Impounding the car means that the NFT has been frozen from being transferred or traded. This is to ensure careful driving in the city. 

Toll gate fees

Some malls will have toll gates, especially those with banking halls where players cash in their won treasure boxes. To access the malls, one will have to pay for parking for their car at these toll gates. Also, on some highways moving to other cities, players will be required to pay at the toll gates made available. All toll gate fees shall be paid in NATO. 

Banking fees

When players cash in their tokens, they will be charged a fee. Such a fee shall be paid in NATO. 

Gas stations

All cars driving around Natoverse will need to be fueled at NATO gas stations. Gas fees shall be paid in NATO or any other supported currencies like USDT or others. 

Sales of weapons

In Combat City, where Natocombat action will happen, players will need to purchase weapons to engage the security guarding the treasure boxes. All these weapons will be purchased in NATO tokens.

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