Starting in 2020, the latest crypto bull run is reaching epic proportions entering 2021. As a result, the crypto market has widened exponentially. From upper-level protocols, decentralized applications, financial solutions to decentralized finance, GameFi and nonfungible tokens, almost every crypto sector is thriving. Among all the segments, NFTs have become an especially bright spot. Combined with art, sports, esports and other traditional business segments, NFTs are lifting the popularity of crypto to a new, historical level.

Simultaneously, the popularity of the Grayscale Fund and the listing of Coinbase on Nasdaq also marked the evolution of the blockchain industry from the self-entertainment of a small group of people to an important aspect that is creating new values while linking existing segments of the world. The overall market value of cryptocurrencies has also risen by more than $2 trillion in less than a year.

Coinciding with the positive developments, the primary investment market has risen rapidly, as new high-quality projects are constantly emerging. Various crypto investment institutions have performed amazingly well. To illustrate the investment landscape of the primary institutions, we have collected the investment portfolios of Coinbase, Binance, Multicoin, Polychain, LD Capital, OKEx Ventures and Alameda.


Facing the complex and rapidly changing crypto market, these investment institutions persisted in their investment methods and logic to discover high-quality projects. In no particular order, we’ve compiled a list of the most prominent investment opinions.

Multicoin’s views on the trust mechanism of cross-chain transactions:

“There is a tremendous opportunity to build products that enable trust-minimized, cross-chain trading. In a world where many chains and tokens exist, traders naturally want to be able to trade assets across chains in a trust-minimized way.”

OKEx Blockdream Ventures’ view on the DeFi segment:

“In the traditional market, the market value of derivatives can reach trillions of dollars, which is about 10 times that of the spot market. However, in digital assets, the trading volume of centralized derivatives is only three times the spot market valve, demonstrating that decentralized derivatives are still in a very early stage. Therefore, despite the short-term problems, decentralized derivatives still have big potential for market imagination. Here we believe that synthetic assets and decentralized insurance are both racetracks with high potential.”

Blake Gao, partner of LD Capital, shared his view on future industry trends:

“Social tokens based on the nature of social diversification and interactivity will be one of the hot topics in near future, such as DAO/NFT/content sharing based social networks. Social tokens, combined with optional privacy features, have spawned a new way of value transfer and interaction between token holders. As a result, value creators can truly have the flexibility of ownership and payment on demand, creating opportunities toward the borderless social scenarios.”

We look forward to more opportunities and hope that top investment institutions can jointly discover new opportunities and new ideas in the crypto market.

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