NEARStarter has announced its launch of a fundraising campaign for NEARIA on Meta Yield, the lossless staking rewards-based crowdfunding platform on NEAR.

NEARStarter is an incubator and launchpad focusing on accelerating and creating a funding system for projects deployed on the NEAR Protocol and Aurora. Its incubation process and services include consultations on legal setup, product formulation, white paper and documentation, tokenomics, cap table management, secondary market and liquidity management, treasury management, audits, listing, partnerships and much more, depending on projects’ needs.

All projects launching with NEARStarter are subject to a comprehensive due diligence process, which considerably maximizes the chances of success during its early stages.

Meta Yield is developed by Meta Pool, the leading LSD protocol on NEAR. Meta Yield gives users the opportunity to support crypto projects and mint native tokens or NFTs with staking rewards instead of crypto assets. Interested users can either vote for their favorite projects and thus help them start their campaign with an extra boost, or financially support NEAR projects with their stNEAR tokens and get rewards as a result.

Users can support NEARStarter’s debut on Meta Yield here.

Besides being an incubator, NEARStarter manages NEARIA, an index pool of the NEAR and Aurora ecosystems. All incubated projects, as well as major partners of NEARStarter, have their tokens included in the index pool.

With six incubations and one launch in the pipeline, plus several partnerships with renowned projects within the ecosystem, NEARIA is getting the pool depth and diversification of assets necessary to make it an excellent diversification play.

NEARIA has dedicated 10% of the total supply to the ISPO on Meta Yield, while 66% is dedicated to farming and 14% to the ecosystem fund, so 90% of the total supply is directly or indirectly in the hands of the community.

A portion of the NEAR raised with this ISPO will be staked into stNEAR and added to the NEARIA index pool. NEARStarter is delighted to have a yield-bearing blue chip asset as the spearhead of the index pool and look forward to further collaborations with Meta Yield.

Discover more details about NEARIA joining Meta Yield on the NEARStarter project page.