Shanghai, Dec.17, 2021 – Neo, the most feature-complete blockchain platform for building decentralized applications, has introduced three new grant programs into the Eco Support ecosystem. The new programs include General, Core Developer and Research Grants. With these additions, the Neo Foundation now has dedicated a combined $200 million to Eco Support grant initiatives.

This year’s release of Neo N3 signified a transformative leap in Neo’s journey to build the best blockchain for DApp developers. “We are proud of and grateful for the members of our dedicated and growing community of developers around the globe who made this landmark achievement possible,” said Erik Zhang, Neo founder and core developer. Through these initiatives, Neo prioritizes the success of the Neo blockchain by investing in their most important asset: the Neo community.

The three new programs round out the program tracks within the Neo Eco Support ecosystem to provide a new level of comprehensiveness to drive the continued growth of the most developer-friendly blockchain in the industry. In detail, these newest grant programs address the following areas:

General Grants Program

The General Grants Program is designed to kickstart the contributions of experienced development teams to the Neo ecosystem. The program focuses on funding the development of tools and infrastructure for the Neo N3 blockchain. Typical funding can range from $5,000 to $50,000.

Grants are available for complex new projects as well as for existing projects with major new capabilities or upgrades. Development teams selected for this program can receive benefits such as project funding, guidance from Neo core developers and other technical leads, and access to developer community events such as the Neo Community Assembly.

Core Developer Grants Program 

The Core Developer Grants Program encourages developers who have made outstanding contributions to the Neo core codebase to apply to become core developers. Each of those chosen can contribute in their own way to become deeply involved in Neo’s technical and engineering decisions. 

Beyond the ability to build influence and personal brand in the industry, core developers can receive a one-year fellowship with a monthly stipend as well as quarterly grants based on continued active contributions to selected Neo repositories.

Research Grants Program

Finally, the Research Grants Program is designed to sponsor applied research to foster continuous growth and development in the blockchain industry. This program invites applications from pioneering researchers in areas such as universities, research institutes, laboratories and consultancies. 

Grant recipients will demonstrate the ability to bring real-world improvements to the Neo blockchain in areas relevant to the Neo Foundation’s vision and roadmap. Typical grant funding can range from $10,000 to $100,000.

High-Priority Topics

Currently, the Neo Foundation will particularly prioritize grant applications that can address any of these areas:

Oracle: A built-in oracle enabling secured access to any off-chain data. Projects that will build a decentralized, secured and stable price feed service for De-Fi, NFTs and games in the Neo ecosystem are prioritized.

NeoFS: A distributed data storage solution made for scalability and privacy. Projects that will build comprehensive applications based on NeoFS or on infrastructure that boosts the utility of the NeoFS service are prioritized.

NeoID: Redefine trust, let users have complete control over their identity data and seamlessly integrate with existing business systems. Projects built with NeoID to provide users with decentralized identity services or credential issuers to provide authentication services are prioritized.

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