Shanghai, China – On June 14, 2021, Neo, a leading community-driven blockchain platform, launched an early adoption program, which is a grant sponsorship funding pool totaling $10 million in value. The program is aimed at encouraging developers to start building and innovating on Neo N3, Neo’s latest and most upgraded platform. Underscoring Neo’s strong community commitment, the early adoption program will provide comprehensive support to developers, ranging from funding to technical and business development advisory. 

With the mainnet launch of Neo N3 rapidly approaching, Neo is actively seeking out high-potential projects to incubate and grow. Running from June to September 2021, the early adoption program aims to accomplish the following goals: 

  • Encourage more new projects to participate in early development using Neo N3.
  • Encourage projects to provide feedback regarding Neo N3 to ensure continuous optimization.
  • Continuously revitalize the Neo developer community while assisting existing Neo projects with migration from Neo Legacy.
  • Rapidly establish Neo N3’s infrastructure while bolstering awareness.

To that end, Neo is especially interested in working with forward-thinking companies and teams — both big and small, established and new — across the following fields: 

  • Nonfungible tokens — marketplaces, explorers, wallets, fractional ownership and gaming.
  • Decentralized finance — automated market makers, lending, stable coins, asset managers, synthetic assets and liquidity pools.
  • NeoFS use cases.
  • Neo Oracle use cases.
  • Neo Name Service use cases.
  • Games.
  • General infrastructure — layer-two protocols, scalability, privacy and decentralized autonomous organization technologies.

Speaking about the early adoption program, Da Hongfei, founder of Neo, stated: “Our success thus far could not have been possible without our community’s support and enthusiasm. As a community and developer-first platform, we are confident that powerful collaboration and partnerships are the keys to winning the future of blockchain. With our early adoption program, we look forward to deepening our relationships with our projects and community — both new and old — as we move forward to building the foundation for next-generation blockchain.”

With the mainnet launch of Neo N3 right around the corner, the Neo team is more excited than ever to realize its vision of the smart economy of tomorrow hand-in-hand with its community. For more information on eligibility and applications, please visit