April 12, Singapore — As a community-first and developer-first project, Neo’s Launchpad Hackathon series focuses on providing financial and technical support to bring big ideas to life. Neo Global Development is backing up its ambition with action today by kicking off the hackathon phase of Neo Polaris Launchpad, Neo’s newest hackathon event, which includes its biggest prize pool to date and opportunities for post-event business incubation support.

On April 11, Neo Global Development awarded Polaris Launchpad prize multipliers of 1.1x to 1.5x to outstanding plans submitted by contestants in the Polaris Launchpad planathon phase. These multipliers will be applied to any projects that win awards in the hackathon phase. The submitted plans span projects across competition tracks including Metaverse and NFTs, DeFi, DAOs and more. Today, with a successful wrap-up of the planathon phase, the Polaris Launchpad’s hackathon phase begins.

“Bringing in the next wave of high-potential ecosystem projects through our hackathon series is a priority for Neo in 2022,” said John Wang, head of Neo Eco-Growth. “We see strong promise in the innovation and diligence of many of the planathon plans we reviewed. These developer teams have our attention. We also invite additional talented developers to join us for the hackathon phase. Neo is ready to help them succeed. Now, it’s time to build.”

Today, Polaris Launchpad is officially moving into its hackathon phase, during which developers will compete across five hackathon tracks for a $500,000 prize pool. Participants from the optional planathon phase and those who wish to register for the hackathon phase may compete.

“At Neo, our mission is to enable and empower developers with the best developer platform in the blockchain industry,” said John deVadoss, president of Neo Global Development Enterprise. “I challenge developers to join Polaris Launchpad with an open mind, give Neo N3 a spin, and really push the platform to the limits as they explore the technical and economic scale and scope of the architecture.”

In the final phase of Polaris Launchpad, Polaris Plus, Neo’s global community will also get a say in which projects it wants to see supported on the chain. All completed hackathon projects, whether they win a hackathon award or not, will be considered for an invitation to the Polaris Plus phase. Here, Neo’s global community will vote for its favorite projects by awarding tokens. Neo will match the community-issued awards through quadratic funding, awarding a minimum of $57,500 in additional funding to the community’s chosen projects. 

After Polaris Launchpad concludes, projects that receive hackathon awards will have opportunities for further funding through Neo’s $200 million EcoBoost program. The EcoBoost program proved crucial to the success of winning projects from last year’s Neo Frontier Launchpad hackathon. Winning projects in areas such as DeFi, crowdfunding, NFTs and more joined the Neo N3 ecosystem and received business incubation support from Neo to help them grow. Neo expects to see similarly innovative projects take off as a result of this year’s hackathon series. Through the EcoBoost program, Neo will provide Polaris Launchpad winners with customized business incubation support tailored to their potential and needs. 

Neo believes that on-chain business incubation is the best way to bring more end users to the Neo protocol while providing real value and utility to the Neo token.

“Our dedication to driving growth and value for the Neo ecosystem will continue after Polaris Launchpad ends,” said John Wang. “We have a vested interest in the success of our hackathon winners.”

With its longstanding and ongoing support to innovative projects within its ecosystem, Neo has the potential to become the leader and go-to protocol for utility and interoperability.

About Neo

Neo is an open-source, community-driven blockchain platform established in 2014. It is the most feature-complete blockchain platform for building decentralized applications. Neo enables developers to digitize and automate asset management through smart contracts. Neo also provides powerful native infrastructures such as decentralized storage, oracles and domain name service, providing a foundation for the next-generation internet.

About the Neo Launchpad hackathon series

The Neo Launchpad hackathon series is built to help developers succeed in Web3 and to foster the ongoing expansion of a thriving ecosystem built on the Neo N3 blockchain. Neo Frontier Launchpad, the first Neo hackathon on Neo N3, took place in 2021, attracting more than 700 participants and 95 teams. It resulted in 11 winning projects — all of which received post-hackathon incubation support and are now building on Neo N3. The event gave birth to up-and-coming DeFi, crowdfunding, NFT-centric and other innovative projects such as Humswap, ToTheMoon, Rentfuse, Lyrebird Finance and more.

Neo Polaris Launchpad now takes the hackathon series to the next level with an expanded prize pool and opportunities for post-hackathon business incubation support through Neo’s $200 million EcoBoost program. 


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