Move-to-earn platform FightOut raised close to $2.5 million in just a week since launching its public presale. Holding its governance token FGHT unlocks access to a Web3 fitness app and gym chain, rewarding users for leading an active lifestyle.

Investors looking to lock in low-priced assets should act now, while FightOut offers FGHT tokens in stage one of its presale — each token is currently valued at $0.016.

Time is running out for the 50% token bonus

If the low price of FGHT presale tokens isn’t enticing enough, FightOut offers a token bonus determined by the initial investment and vesting period chosen.

The highest possible bonus is 50%, consisting of up to 25% of the purchase amount and an additional 25% when opting for a vesting period of 24 months.

When FightOut raises $5 million, it will remove the bonus promotion. Considering that $2 million was raised in just days, that bonus offer could expire as soon as January 2023.

Image_0FightOut’s Web3 ecosystem is revolutionizing fitness

The FightOut crypto project rewards users with its token and in-app currency, REPS, for movements, steps, participating in workouts, weight exercises and bodyweight exercises. Users also receive rewards for growing the community and earning badges.

FightOut is also building a chain of gyms in key metropolitan areas globally, enabling users to redeem their membership rewards.

A key aspect differentiating FightOut from most move-to-earn ecosystems is the soulbound avatar tied to the user’s in-app self. A user’s fitness development is reflected in the avatar, with stats recorded to ensure the progress is emulated.

Once the avatar has built up the required strength, it enters the metaverse and can be used to compete with other fighters to win tournaments and earn more tokens. It’s also not necessary to buy an expensive avatar to begin using the platform, removing the barrier to entry seen in many move-to-earn crypto apps.

The FightOut app supports customized training, allowing users to focus on their specialty and target their desired muscle group. Video tutorials are available, providing guidance on form and technique to ensure users optimize their muscle strength by doing the workout correctly.


Rewarding a healthy lifestyle

FightOut doesn’t just assist users in reaching their fitness goals; it also rewards users for living a healthy lifestyle. The ecosystem categorizes attributes such as cardio, muscular endurance and mental fortitude.

The ecosystem uses weekly soft caps for each attribute and tapers rewards for each area. Users can maximize rewards by focusing on overall growth.

The platform enables users to redeem their REPS for subscriptions, FightOut merchandise, remote sessions with trainers and even membership at the FightOut gyms.

Professional fighters to serve as ambassadors

The FightOut team — fully doxed and Know Your Customer verified by CoinSniper — also focuses on signing elite combat athletes, such as boxers and mixed martial arts fighters, to act as the brand’s ambassadors and spread the word about this platform.

The involvement of elite athletes will also be taken advantage of to produce tailor-made fitness programs for specific sports and activities. This masterclass-style training content will complement the app and incentivize non-elite gym clients to join FightOut gyms.

Besides video workouts, users can pursue their fitness goals with in-gym activities and training regimes provided by athletes in studios.


Platform users not situated close to one of the 20 FightOut gyms to initially roll out can participate in gym classes via the app. The ambassadors and top-tier professional coaches will host the live remote classes.

FightOut plans to open gyms in all the major metropolitan areas worldwide.

Each gym will have a health bar stocked with smoothies, nutritious meals, snacks and coffee. Social events will also be organized, and co-working spaces will be offered for like-minded individuals to meet.

FGHT tokens

FGHT is an ERC-20 token with a total supply of 10 billion, 90% of which is allocated to presale investors — 60% for purchase and 30% awarded as bonus tokens.

The bonus tokens are rewarded based on the initial investment, up to a 25% bonus for a $50,000 investment and at least 10% for an initial investment of $500.

The other bonus is from the vesting period that an investor selects. A six-month lock-in period offers a 10% bonus, and a 24-month period provides a 25% bonus.

The remaining 10% of the tokens are allocated to exchange liquidity.

Currently, FightOut is offering its tokens at $0.016 during stage 1, although FGHT tokens will be priced higher in later stages.

Early investors will own an appreciating asset that offers rewards in various ways by completing workouts and challenges, even in a crypto winter.


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