Dubai, United Arab Emirates, May 25, 2022 — The recently launched nonfungible token (NFT) trading platform Golom has announced its genesis period from today until June 25, followed by an airdrop.

Created by a group of NFT traders and developers, the new platform offers a flat trading fee of 0.5% on transactions. One-hundred percent of trading fees go to stakers, thanks to the platform’s curve-like staking mechanism. Users can decide what royalties they wish to pay — e.g., they can pay additional royalties if they like a project’s progress.

Decentralized to the core

Golom offers a permissionless base protocol to the Ethereum ecosystem that promotes decentralization, and the order books are publicly available on the Polygon blockchain. Unlike other gated exchanges that can stop trading anytime, Golom’s users can submit and fulfill orders without using any front-ends. The protocol also lets other exchanges and front-ends plug into a common liquidity pool, using a public indexer on Polygon, to start earning GOLOM token rewards.

Pro-analytical trading tools

Golom offers analytical tools such as collection and trait analyses, rarity checks and portfolio analysis, among other features missing from key exchanges such as OpenSea. These tools can help traders analyze NFT collections and individual NFTs efficiently to help make better choices.

One of the unique features of Golom is portfolio analysis — a user can input their wallet address and see their portfolio’s NFTs and profits and losses in a single click. Users with multiple cold and hot wallets can link every wallet to view their cumulative profits and losses. 


Golom has a unique community-rewards mechanism: There are no token sales or allocations to the founding team or any venture capital firm. Out of the total GOLOM token supply, 15% will be airdropped to NFT traders based on their historical volumes, 5% will be given to initial traders during the genesis period, 10% will go to the project’s treasury, and the remaining 70% will be allocated to users that trade or stake.

Inflationary GOLOM token rewards will prevent diluted emissions, and stakers can also earn 100% of the platform’s fees. Traders and other exchanges using Golom will earn a percentage of emissions once stakers are compensated.

About Golom

Golom is founded by pseudonymous Lord of the Rings-themed NFT traders and developers worldwide. It has a mission to provide a decentralized NFT-trading platform to the community.